"Slow and Steady..."

ring pillow
Originally uploaded by Marjorie from Illnois.

I'm snatching a few moments on the computer at the library, came across this beautiful piece by my friend Marjorie on Flickr. Along the lines of Sharon B's post (www.inaminuteago.com), and others' posts, on the current theme of "Slow". Sometimes fast is good, depending on the circumstances, but I do truly believe that when you take time and care in creating something, its beauty lasts so much longer.

Although this lovely piece is for Marjorie's niece's wedding, I find it fascinating that she had included the turtle. It puts me in mind of Aesop's fable of the turtle and the hare, where slow and steady gets it done best.


Yet More Computer Trials!

Yet again, Real Life is using my rear end for a target. Due to unforeseen and *deeply* unappreciated circumstances, I have recently been informed that I have lost my email account that I have had for seven years- "texascalamityjane". I can now be reached at tumbleweeddesigns dot sarahe at gmail dot com, or txstitchermom at gmail dot com. For any of you out there who may be reading this, please take pity on me, as not only did I lose the email and address books, but I also lost my groups pages. If you know of me through a group, or have contacted me privately in the past, *please* forward links and email addresses, as I am completely starting over, just like in my Real Life!

Be perceptive! Be amazed at what you can do! And I will be back!


Computer Troubles

My best friend is writing this for me because I have no computer. My first one died after only a few days in my new nest, but one of my daughters came to my aid and lent me hers. She, unfortunately, in the manner of a true budding Computer Queen, had turned off her virus and firewall protections in the hope that she would be able to do something she had been unable to do.
She never turned them back on.
In fact, in a typical teenagerly way, bless her heart, she completely forgot to tell me. So within 24 hours, another computer lay gasping its death throes out in front of me. So it may be a couple to a few weeks before I am again a Whole Blogger. I will try to check in periodically through my long suffering dearest friend ( any typos are her fault!), and thank you all in advance for your patience.
While I am gone, be experimental! Be amazed! And I'll be back!


Crewel Choices

Crewel choices
Originally uploaded by Marjorie from Illnois.

You MUST click on this to get a larger view...absolutely exquisite work! Not only is it a great example of needlework, but also the variegations of color are worth a study as a background for other ideas in many types of needle-related arts. Enjoy!

P.S. I'm baaaaack.....be scared! be silly! be fun, and I'll be back!!

Huge Texas regards to all my readers for putting up with this temporary upheaval in my life...GRACIOUS, I've missed being here!!



I was so pleased to receive notice that my blog has been listed at FiberArtsOnline!! For those of you who are unaware of this fabulous resource, I strongly recommend that you visit the site. There are directories for Business and Art, lists of organizations world-wide, all kinds of resources, and an Artist Gallery. I confess, I'm quite thrilled to be there now, and I hope all of you will pop on over and investigate the site -- it is seriously worthwhile!

Be curious! Be interested! And I'll be back!!


Paisley Embroidery on Paper

Paisley embroidery on paper
Originally uploaded by dogdaisy92.

This is another piece of Jackie's wonderful work. I love the paisley shapes, of course, and the colors are my favorite combinations. But what really gets me is if you click on this for a close up, it looks like lace. IMHO, it's an amazing piece of work. Here's Jackie's flickr link so you can see more of her stuff:


There are so many wonderful artists out there, periodically I'll feature others. Today, however, I wanted to show off Jackie's work not only because she sent me a personal piece, but also because I have a genuine admiration for and excitement about her stuff.


Be adventurous! Be different! And I'll be back!!

Sumptuous Swirls

Sumptuous Swirls
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

This luscious piece was sent to me by my friend Jackie C. Her work is utterly captivating!! She's in Greece for a couple weeks where I hope she's getting lots of inspiration because all her work is just beautiful!

Change Is Good!!

On another note, many of you may be aware that Sharon Boggon of Inaminuteago has had a change of link. I've changed her link in my Sidebar -- it's now http://sharonb.wordpress.com. She's been talking about scrumbling lately, as well as her usual many other wonderful posts and topices, so toddle on over and say "hey!" Do be sure to change your own link in your favorites -- http://sharonb.wordpress.com. Enjoy!

Be observant! Be curious! And I'll be back!!

To Explore Is To Learn!

On that, here's a new-for-me place I've just found...alteredkat has a neat site called Great Musings. I'm putting GM in my Sidebar, too, because there is a lot of great information there as well as vintage images and generous freebies and other stuff! So go visit Great Musings as you're exploring around today!

Be inquiring! Be thoughtful! And I'll be back!!

Looking Forward to FIBERWORX!!

Although I do say in my Sidebar that from time to time I will share glimpses of my personal life, I do think y'all have had quite enough of this particular episode. SO NOW...(drumo roll, please...!!) BACK TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF, the stuff of which life and dreams are made: creating what you love!! In this case, fiberworx!!

Today, in between packing, I will be sewing like a fiend to finish my JQ piece for Houston. I have chosen two WISPs that I REALLY want to be done this week, and I have a TAST item that will going up here for (gentle) comment!

Stay tuned! Be forward-looking! Be excited about today! And I'll be back!!


Onward and Upward!

I apologize for my recent absence. As a couple good friends know, 4 weeks ago this Wednesday, DH informed me via telephone we were to be no more. The first days after that I was devastated, much less being able to pick up a needle and focus. But time passes, yada yada yada! So I'm packing my life, and moving it to a neat-o torpedo little apartment in Waxahachie.

The Big W is a wonderful town just down the road, lots of history, and most of the folks I know. It has a great library (historic building), super bead store (Bead Barn) and quilt shop (Common Threads Quilting), all within a couple blocks so I continue to not need a car. YAY!

Truthfully, I find myself a bit excited about this new turn in my life! I have been given a generous financial settlement, and I have received some help from another quarter. My Treasure has graduated from high school and is making college plans. I will have the chance to work with my fibers and fabrics full-time, in an extra room at the apartment (I got a two bedroom). AND, I already have some chances for a local exhibit and marketing opportunities. It will be a challenge, but I'm looking forward to it!!

So wish me luck! And stay tuned...although I'll be moving on the 15th, I'll be working like a fiend inbetween.

Be daring! Be imaginative! And I'll be back!!


The Teen with the Jeans!! (see previous post!)

My Treasure
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

I wanted to let you know that just because one loses something does not mean one has lost everything. As you can see above, I have a Fabulous Treasure!

Two weeks ago tomorrow, via telephone, I suffered another personal relationship loss. At first I was devastated. But I find that all is not lost, in truth. And as I learn to see with my Sarah eyes again, I think that perhaps this is a good thing that has happened.

I have, as you see, my daughter who is as beautiful inside as she is outside. In spite of transmogrifying health issues, my hands, fingers and smile still work. Oh yeah, and my feet, in case I have to give anyone a little kick in the ankle (cheeky grin!!). And I have my friends, both in real life and in our textile/fiber/fun-with-fabric-creativity community (I defy Germaine Greer (click for story) to pound THAT down [grin!])

Blogging may (or may not!!) be a bit less frequent as I pack and move and unpack (I expect a group groan of sympathy here), but please know I am truly a blessed woman. And I am made even stronger by all of you who read my blog, participate in the Yahoo! groups, check my Flickr site, and comment, email me, etc.

My life is so very rich, thanks to all of you.

So be caring! Be creative! And I'll be back!!


What Aspect of Sewing Fills YOU With Dread??!!

I was talking with my friend Rain a couple days ago and she asked me that question. Without ANY hesitation, I said, "Mending." And then I further clarified, "JEANS." She couldn't understand so I had to explain to her the grueling process of trying to mend the jeans of a teen aged girl.

The jeans are brought to you, waving hysterically in the air. MMMOOOOOMMMMM, can you mend these? They have a hole in the back. So I take the jeans turn them over, around, upside down, and inside out. And I finally find the hole. The teeny weeny infitesimally small hole which is unacceptable because Heaven Forbid anyone would see the color of their panties for the day. Which they only could see if their face was an inch away from the hole and they had a magnifying glass. Although what someone is doing that near to my daughter's bottom would Require An Explanation.

But, I lovingly proceed. I find the patching denim. I pin it on. I tape it, too, just in case. I armwrestle the jeans onto the free-arm of my little machine. I begin. The jeans have to be turned three times. After an hour and a half, I've sewn at least three fingers together, my eyes are bloodshot from squinting trying to find the minuscule hole, and my mouth is dry from biting my lip concentrating. I manhandle the jeans off the machine and take them to my treasure. She examines them and hands them back to me, a lone tear dripping down her cheek. She says there's a wrinkle in the patch. HUH????

So I go back to the machine, which now seems to have fangs and an evil laugh. I base my foot against the dining room table for leverage, haul the jeans onto the machine, and begin again. By this time, my face is red and I have invented words that would make God blush. I've sewn at least two more fingers together. My feet are practically waving in the air as I keep my nose dangerously close to the needle and carefully sew out the wrinkle that I never *did* see in the patch I could *hardly* see over the hole that it took me five minutes to find in the first place.

Finally, after another three hours, I finish. Triumphantly, I turn the jeans right side out, shake them out with a good, satisfyingly hard smack, and, brandishing them with victory, take them to my daughter, my darling, my delight.

As I retreat down the hall, I hear a piercing shriek of anguish. MMMOOOMMMM!!! WHAT?? I've put on half a pound in the last five hours and now the jeans don't fit!!!!

Go Figure.

And THAT, dear readers, is why I HATE mending jeans.

What is YOUR Least Favorite sewing chore??!! (Very Big Grin!!!)



If you have not yet been to Quiltersmuse, you must go visit as soon as you finish reading this post. Pat Cummings, owner of Quiltersmuse, is one of the foremost experts, if not THE expert, on Outline Stitch Embroidery. She also has amassed a formidable knowledge of quilting, quilting and embroidery history, and other types of embroidery in addition to OSE.

Jim Cummings is Pat's hardworking, totally wonderful husband who handles all the photography needs of the site. And over the last few years, the two of them have produced several stellar books. Previously these books were available for sale on the Quiltersmuse site. Now, however, Pat and Jim have begun putting the books up online...available FREE OF CHARGE.

The first book that went cyber is Straight Talk About Quilt Care: Display, Cleaning and Storage of New and Antique Quilts and Needlework. Straight Talk gives extensive coverage exactly as it promises. Display, cleaning, how to know when to call in a professional, and several other subjects are presented interestingly and thoroughly. The information is applicable NOT ONLY to those in traditional quilt and needlework fields, BUT ALSO is equally applicable for those in the art quilt field. I highly recommend Straight Talk to anyone in the textile field.

The second book that is now available is Pat's Just For Fun Redwork Book. Just For Fun includes stitch directions and 98 authentic old redwork patterns from an antique quilt. Again, this book is offered entirely free of charge.

There are also many fascinating tidbits...for instance, the bear logo in the top right corner is a redwork piece that Pat completed when she was five years old!

I don't think I've ever seen such generosity with this type of research and information. Quiltersmuse not only has these books available (and more on the way), the site also covers an abundance of other subjects. Pat has other free patterns, historical articles, product reviews, and many other categories. And the Quiltersmuse also has a blog which is fascinating reading.

Go visit the Quiltersmuse today -- it will surely be worth your while!

Be educated! Be inquiring! And I'll be back!


Fibers, Fibers, NEVER ENOUGH!!!

BJP Fibers
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

You know I'm involved with the Beaded Journal Project as well as Sharon B's class, Sumptuous Surfaces. I began to show you my stuff for SS (yes, more pix by end of week); now here's a bit of what colors I'm using for BJP. These fibers are very soft and, as you can see, so beautiful! I got them from Gail at Gail Forces Fabrics. Gail's link is in my sidebar, but click here, too, and you can visit her great site.

Who Knew??!!

I now know (painfully!) why the instructions say to REGULARLY change the blade on your rotary cutter. After an hour of frustratedly wondering what the *#*@&!!? was wrong, getting crookedly cut pieces and neatly rotarying three fingers (grrrrr!), it finally dawned on me that Other Rotary Cutters do not behave in this murderous fashion. So I called Mother. Her first question, after laughing unsympathetically at my tale of woe, was "did you change the blade??". AHEM. So we hung up, her chortling in my ear, and I changed the damn thing. Humph.

Be safe! Be aware! And I'll be back.

P.S. Please notice the cool thing about blogging versus writing someone a letter is that blood cannot drip on the post. (GRIN!!)


Hey, Check THIS Out!!

I was surfing around looking for something, and, as usually happens, I became thoroughly distracted!! I found these too-cool-for-words little wire soldiers which you MUST see! The site's in Russian, but the pictures are understandable in any language. I found it through another design site that is also thoroughly worth a visit...and I found THAT through 30gms, also VERY worth a visit...and I found 30gms through Subversive Crossstitch (featured in my sidebar now), which is a HOOT of a site! WARNING: SCS is NOT your everyday crossstitch site. Just so you know. (GRIN!)

Be daring! Be different! And I'll be back!


Sumptuous Surfaces Stuff

Sumptuous Surfaces Stuff
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

Here's my stuff for Sumptuous Surfaces, the class with Sharon B. through Joggles. I'm quite excited with it; we're about to get Lesson 3 and I'm having lots of fun. These are "neutral" colors -- turquoise, peach, miniature shells, beads, etc. Sorry I just didn't feel like chasing beads around the floor so you get to see them in their bags, but I think you can see the color pretty well. Stay tuned for the next part of our lessons!

Be curious! Be colorful! And I'll be back!!

Sanity By Any Other Name

Sanity By Any Other Name
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

Besides my other treasures (daughter, DH, dog), this piano is another. A/K/A sanity!! My paternal grandmother left it to me. It is a Fayette Cable (almost as good a reputation as a Steinway), late 1940's to very early 1950's, I believe, as near as I can research it. It is a wonderful instrument, and I am so very fortunate to have it.

I have been playing since I was 4 (*rather* over 40 years [grin]), including a stint as concert pianist in jr. high, choir accompanist in high school, and years during and after high school playing the pipe organ through my church (which was absolutely awesome...the music literally seems to flow through you and swirl around you).

There are too many times to mention when I have played out my sadness, my joys, my "what do I do now"s, and just for fun to celebrate all the small happinesses in my life. I'm grateful not only for the instrument, but also for the talent to use it -- it has saved my sanity many, many times and I hope it will do so for many, many years to come.

Be artful! Be creative and let it flow from your heart! And I'll be back!


Back So Soon?!

The 2007 Bead Journal Project is now seriously underway, and the folks involved are quite a talented bunch! I love poking through our posts and following others' links...you'll enjoy all of them when you visit the blog, but take a moment and visit the one that caught my fancy today!

Be inspired! Be inspiring! And I'll be back!

Wondering Why?

As I explain in my sidebar, the reason I named my blog "Ever Embellished" is not only for needlework/fiberart purposes. Embellishing happens in all areas of life. Sharing my garden and my treasures, thus, are embellishments of the life of Sarah Ellis. Plus, I was inspired!

My dear friend Pat Cummings has recently come into what I love to call (teasing her, of course!) an Embarassment of Riches. (grin!) A Person in her family who shall remain nameless dumped a truckload (literally) of textile items onto her front porch. At the Person's request. Said Person did not like, want, need or otherwise want to be concerned with said Textiles. So "poor" Pat got landed with what she loves most in the world besides her wonderful husband -- quilts! And splashers, aprons, lace-trimmed doilies, all KINDS of vintage goodies. And as she was describing her treasures to me (while I wiped the drool off my chin), I decided that I should share some of mine with y'all.

My collection is nowhere near Pat's, of course. But, like Pat, I value what I have and am thankful for the having of it. Thus, these first few pics!

There will be more pics later...as I finished sorting, I found quite a few hand-worked all-white handkerchiefs, which, after pressing and a little judicious mending (thank goodness my mother taught me these things!), I will post.

BTW, my mother also has her first mending basket, which comes with a separate lid, and has the wooden tools and special needles used for fixing holes in sock heels or toes, fixing holes in jeans, and all that other cool stuff. I've put in a request, but she's not coming off of anything yet. Sigh. (!!)

So, today, be careful, be caring, and I'll be back!


Three Lengths, Three Generations

Gloves' Three Lengths
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

Next after the clutch purses are carefully lifted out, we find my sets of gloves. I have six pairs -- evening (on the far left), tea (middle) and church (short, on right).

Now the following is simply a memory, nothing else. I remember when I was a little girl going to church with my family. Through second grade, children went to Sunday School. Parents came to pick them up after the worship service in the sanctuary was finished. Then in third grade, we all took a Bible class, taught by the Superintendent of Sunday School. At the end, we 'graduated', received our own Bible (which I still have), and were allowed to go upstairs to the "big church" with our parents. And I remember being so thrilled, made sure Daddy tied my bow on the back of my dress nice and big, and nearly skipped for happiness because I finally got to wear "big girl" gloves like Mom. The short ones there on the right.

Geez, that was SO long ago! But I hold dear these sets of gloves for all their equally wonderful memories -- some mine, some shared.

In the next couple days as I continue to show you my treasures, I'll try each pair on and photograph them so you can see the actual length up the arm. And yes, they do fit nicely (grin)!

Turquoise Oriental Purse

Turquoise Oriental Purse
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

This little beauty is another clutch purse, turquoise silk with an oriental flower motif on it. I don't know what it is about clutch purses, but I just love them, especially for evenings out, not that I get out all that much...

I bought this when I was still in high school. I was just enamoured of the color and the style. Since my birthday is in December, my birthstone is the turquoise, and turquoise jewelry or -colored anything is my all-time favorite in whatever area!

In my work this year, you'll be seeing a lot of turquoise used. Much of what I'm doing is for future dates. One is the Houston International Quilting Festival, about which I'm very excited and very nervous. And there are a couple opportunities here locally in which I've been invited to participate. Truthfully, I'm thrilled! As time goes on, however, I'll be posting a lot more of my smaller stuff as it gets done, and I'm not talking about WISPs!!! (Although Lord knows I've got plenty of them also!!)

Black Purse with Beaded Picots

Black Purse with Beaded Picots
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

Now, whereas the beaded clutch purse was soft-support, this one is stiff. The handle is very short, to be carried just over the wrist. You can easily see the little picots all around the edges; what you can't see as well (I have to work on my lighting, SORRY!!) is the beautifully beaded stem of roses and leaves on the flap of the purse. It is an exquisite example of beading.

Black Beaded Purse

Black Beaded Purse
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

First off the top comes the purses. This one is beaded in its entirety, with a 6" beaded tassel hanging from the zipper (that lump on the left there) and a rose picked out in gold embroidery on the bottom right corner. It's an evening clutch purse.

My Special Box

Scarf Box 1
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

Ok, now for some fun stuff!

I made this box probably almost thirty years ago. It's one of those pressed-cardboard boxes, about 8" high and maybe 12" long. It's covered in a simple printed muslin, with two layers of lace and beading around the edge (yes, I see that one area is loose...) and a few little ribbon flowers in the center. It was my first covered box!

In it, I have a very special collection -- textile accessories from the women in my family.

I've opened the lid, now let me share a few of my treasures with you...

My Lovely Cannas

Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

OK, time for a break...enough of the inside for a sec, and out to my Secret Garden! This is a better sort of close-up of my cannas. Here you can see the intense orange of almost the entire flower, with the beautiful yellow trimming around each petal.

Last of the Basket Piles!

Last of the Basket Piles!
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

The last of it -- the four laundry-baskets-from-Michael's loads. Two hold research on various subjects within or applicable to the fiberarts world, one is learning techniques information, and one is recent WISPs and current projects. The latter you'll get to see over the course of the next few months as I clear through it all...perhaps slogging through it would be a better term! Oh well, I love this work, and I'm dedicated to doing my absolute best in all undertakings!

Studio Resources!

Studio Resources!
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

More books, and the drawers there, a double set, will hold my vintage and contemporary laces, trims and buttons. There's a TV and a small CD/radio on top -- those are VERY IMPORTANT RESOURCES -- music is a constant inspiration, and voices are company (sometimes)! These "bookshelves", BTW, are two plastic crates stacked on their sides.

Studio Closet Now

Closet Now Left 2
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

OK, here's the closet now -- quilting books and baskets of batting on shelf; backing sheeting and counted thread linens in bag hanging from hangers; and quilting hoop and embroidery bar stands hanging from hooks. It's a start...!!!

Freddy's New Home

Freddy's New Home
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

Well, a few posts ago, I wrote about the Giant Reading Pillow (frog!) that was bought for and rejected by DH. Humph. So, Freddy has moved into my new space. That's the end of the day bed on which he rests, by the window. I have to fix my focus next time so I can show his view out that window...my garden, my private space!


Black God X

Black God X
Originally uploaded by Susan Lenz.

You must go see this! Susan Lenz has just posted on Flickr her set called "Black God Series", and it is absolutely stunning! I have been lurking and learning about Altered Art, and, IMHO, this is an incredible illustration of the beauty of the medium!


WOW! -- FREE Online Needlework Magazine!!

Hey, y'all!! I have my fingers in a lot of pies, most of us creative sorts do. In addition to enjoying poking around in French and German, my fiber loves range from counted thread techniques through quilting to embellishment techniques such as encaustic work or rusting.

Soooo, in my various pokings-around, I found the following wonderful link --


AND...it's written in English! The issue that I read is Issue 1, May 2007 -- brand-spanking-new, and full of superb pictures, clear and concise writing, plus great articles including one starting on page 2 about plagiarism (about which many of us have become more and more concerned lately).

For a SHORT time, there is an incredible offer to snag a kit to make an exact replica of one of three original antique German counted-thread samplers. Also, for any of you readers who are involved with the various Embroiderers' Guilds around the world, there's a great article on page 15.

NAYY**, but when I saw this I just knew that if you like samplers, history, needle and thread, excellent photography, or any one of a realm of other related areas, you will really really enjoy this magazine. It's a great read, it's free online, and it's totally worth a visit. In addition, there's what looks like a FREE PATTERN, but my computer is on dial-up (sshhh!!) and it was difficult for me to ascertain those particular pages, but I *do* know it's between pages 15 and 20. So go read it for yourself and see why I'm so excited!

Be educated! Be open-minded! And I'll be back!

**No Affiliation Yada Yada (grin)


Before -- Piles to be Put Away!

Studio Before Piles
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

Well, the first step is to transfer as many piles of materials as possible, right??!!

Before -- My "new" worktable

Studio Before Desk Area
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

Well, I finally got to it today, gritted my teeth at missing my daughter, and got started moving things into the empty room. I figured I should take a couple before pix while I was at it. I have even called a Feng Shui expert ! I already have a homework assignment or two, and our first consultation is late next week. In the meantime, along with everything else, I will be putting together my space. DH will be blown away at a living room without my workbaskets by 'my chair'!!

Venetian Needlelace

Venetian Needlelace
Originally uploaded by silvia23360.

Isn't this a lovely piece!? It's from the Flickr page of our group, Needlelace_and_More. This was posted by Silvia of our group. We have so many talented people in the needlelace arts, and I'm privileged to be a part of this incredible group. Come visit our Flickr page sometime and see all the great treasures that we're producing!


In My Garden 5-- Full Frontal Hibiscus!

Hibiscus Full Frontal Flower
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

I have 21 full flowers right now, on 29 plants in just this section of my garden. I also have 53 budlets here ready to begin in the next 48 hours. I am so blessed with such a plethora of natural treasures. You wonder why I like to sit in my garden and watch my trees, my birds, and my flowers -- poetry does come easily in surroundings such as this.

In My Garden 4 -- Many Views

Hisbiscus Full View
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

Here we have an opening budlet, a partially full flower, an almost full flower, and a done flower there at the bottom. Too bad they're not squash blossoms...my mother used to want to kill me when I'd pick her squash blossoms out of the garden to fry up (god, they were SO good!). But, I'll kill anyone who tries to pick and fry these!! (Can you even eat hibiscus flowers??!!)

In My Garden 3 -- Side View of the Half-Breed

Hibiscus Side View
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

I just love the slight uplifting of the top petals there...this flower is so graceful!

In My Garden 2 -- Hibiscus Half White Half Pink

Hibiscus Half White Half Pink
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

I swear I am not a botanist! This really just happened, although isn't it just lovely??!!

In My Garden -- Hibiscus Bud

Hibiscus Bud
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

Well, this is how it all starts...

I'm So Privileged with the People I Know!

My dear friend Pat Cummings runs Quiltersmuse.com, the link for which is also on my sidebar. Pat is an amazing woman, very intelligent, very talented, and very fun! Pat also runs a Yahoo!group called Outline Stitch Embroidery and History. She has an amazing collection of quilts, textiles and needlework, information about which she shares generously with the group. We all thoroughly enjoy learning, trying new patterns, sharing our own information and trials and tribulations, generally have tons of fun! So, a few days ago, Pat reproduced another of her collection of authentic nineteenth century designs, loaded it onto her Free Patterns page, and wrote to our list that she did in it honor of me and my Hibiscus garden. She said she was calling the pattern "Sarah's Hibiscus". I was so touched, I was in [happy!] tears when I called her to thank her. No one has ever done that for me before, and I was both humbled and blown away.

Arlee is another fabulous artist and woman in Canada whom I'm fortunate to know. This morning I commented on her post, "Lightening the Mood", where she supports the process of taking a nap to heighten your creative concepts. She says, "it came to me in a dream..."! You all know what I've written about dreams in my earlier post, "Dreaming is Learning ".

Rosemary Claus-Grey is another great artist. Rosemary received a write-up in Sharon B's inaminuteago about her work in threads and fibers. I particularly like her "River Oaks" and Willow" in that section. Rosemary also has several other sections, including her Small Design Studies, which I like, too.

Sue Bleiwiss has thoughtfully provided the directions on how to make a padfolio. Everyone currently seems to be enjoying those wonderful little inventions -- I've seen several around the blogosphere. You can see pix of folks' finished padfolios here, here, here, and here. In addition, Sue, and a wonder team of fellow artists, is starting a new magazine called Fibre and Stitch. If you have not yet had the chance to subscribe, I strongly recommend that you do so. This is one publication that should NOT be missed!

All these wonderfully talented artists do have one (of many) thing in common -- they dream. They have a vision, whether it's for a piece of art, a particular technique, or a different sort of project, and they have the faith to take that first step to get them started.

So I wrote before, and I'll write again...learn to see with your heart. In fact, I'll put out a challenge -- name ONE THOUGHT that you saw with your heart TODAY (as you read this post). For the first step, write it in a comment below. And, based on the number of comments we'll get here in the next two weeks, there will be a second step. So stick with EE and stayed tuned!!

Today, see the world through different eyes. Just for a moment. And then act on what you see.

Be act'ers! Be in the present. Be a dreamer! And I'll be back!!


Cannas in June

Cannas in June
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

Too bad it's not Cannes in June!! (VBG)

The water plants are just to the left of these cannas, also begun from a gift of two from the Master Gardeners' conference so long ago.

Cannas are such incredibly beautiful flowers. They come in a deep blood red, and also these fabulous yellow and orange blooms. The fluted petals are that gorgeous yellow, with dark orange centers.

As you can see, these are now in a clump which I'll have to separate before their next bloom season. Again, these winters...!!!!!

I have been experimenting with some fabrics to try to capture the brilliance of these blossoms. The buds are reminescent of Birds-of-Paradise. I'd love to get my hands on a few BoPs!

Backyard Water Plants

Backyard Water Plants
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Texas is known for its geographical diversity, and my back yard is no exception!

By my back fence, there exists through no one's fault, possibly the teeniest functioning swamp in this fine State. It is about twelve inches long and six inches wide, give or take. And it sports a bakers dozen of these "water plants".

A few years ago, when I could still function in a serious gardener capacity, I was involved with the Texas Master Gardeners here in our county. When finished working with the Ellis County Gardeners' Conference, someone gave me a couple of these plants. I popped them in place and left them alone...

I swear I do NOT know what happens in my garden during the winter, but this is another example of Something Happening!! My little swamp has remained the same size but the plants have more than tripled (fourpled??!!) to the number that I now have.

Go figure!!

You'll notice, by the way, that this particular sketch is on graph paper. This is because most of the time when I'm sitting outside at my little garden table, I'm watching the trees or my birds and drawing/jotting ideas for my quilts and other needlework endeavors. So if the botanical muse grabs me, I just use whatever I've got. Maybe this is a hint that I should utilize more plant designs in my work!!

Brut Smiling (or is it laughing?!)

Brut Smiling
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Well it was sunny for a little while today...normally you would think in Texas that that's not any special occasion, it's supposed to be sunny here. HAH. Tell that to the clouds.

It has been raining here almost every day for the last couple weeks, and will be storming every day next week. And this weekend. And maybe next weekend. And who knows the week after that, the weather folks refuse to commit themselves that far (can you blame them??!!).

So for the few moments of sun we had today, here's Brut out in the middle of it!

My Favorite Flower -- The Hibiscus

Hibiscus by Fence
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Several years ago, I purchased a pair of hibiscuses (hibisci?!), one red -- the Lord Baltimore, and one white -- the Lady Baltimore. After three years or so, the red plant went on to hibiscus heaven. The next year, the white hibiscus became pink-tinged. Each successive year, the color has gotten deeper and more prevalent...what you see here is after seven years, three with the flowers at opposite ends of the garden, and four years of just the survivoress. I'm not sure what happened that winter before I lost the Lord Baltimore -- do female hibiscuses do in their male counterparts like the praying mantis??!! One wonders what REALLY goes on in gardens (VBG).


I Beg A Moment of Your Time...

Hey there, everyone, Happy Monday!! Of course, for some it's not such a happy day...for instance, in the town of Gainesville, in Texas near the Oklahoma border, the town is flooded. Like feet high, cars filled with water almost to the roof, flooded. My, and I know yours when you hear, thoughts and prayers are with that area at this time. Although we, as Texans, and others from dry-ish areas, generally do not complain about rain, there are surely times when enough is just a bit more than enough!

On the note of the day, I have noticed, and I know many others have noticed also, the huge problem on the Web with copyright infringement. There are so many folks who are wanting something for nothing and genially lifting the hard work of others off of the Web and publishing said work as available for all or even as the copy lifter's own work. Yucko bucko. Not that there is anything wrong with free patterns, tutorials, and other materials, of course -- there are tons of those copyright-free items all over!

However and notwithstanding (I love that phrase!), when someone works hard on something and proudly publishes a picture of that work, NO MATTER WHAT MEDIUM is used, we really should respect their work and their efforts. Please.

So I would respectfully request that everyone take notice of the copyright notices given here on EE, both in the sidebar and at the bottom of the page. And please respect the hard work of everyone in our cyber world. By all means take advantage of FREEBIES, that is why they are so marked and available -- like in EE's sidebar, for instance!!!. But please, please always check copyrights with owners, publishers and/or artists (whether in print or image work), and respect the copyright laws.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this, I really appreciate it.

Be visual, be law-abiding, and be rule-breaking in your art! And I'll be back!!


Riches of the World -- The Ukraine

Well, I was poking around on the net, doing word-association search for some information. As so often happens (and I *know* y'all know what I mean!!), I got distracted...(VBG)

I found an absolutely wonderful site about embroidery from the Southwest Ukraine as exhibited in the Ukrainian Museum Archives in Cleveland, Ohio. The pictures are awesome, and the detail is just incredible! You can click on each individual picture for a closer view and a better understanding of the care taken for such beautiful items.

The bulk of the work is dated from the 19th century to the early 20th century. The exhibit is surely worth a visit! Do pop over -- you won't be disappointed!!


Dreaming is Learning...

Ok, as you may have read a few posts ago, I'm in an online group studying The Artist's Way. It's a well-written book by Julia Cameron about the path to Higher Creativity. It's cool doing it with a group instead of by yourself, because you get everyone's insight together and you learn from that, also.

Something that's been happening to me lately, which I've finally shared with the group and I'll share with you, too, here, is that I have been having such vivid dreams that I remember them clearly when I wake up, and so I've been writing down those details as well and thoroughly as I can. I have this sense that it's important to my growth as a woman and as I follow other pursuits. So here is one:
I had a dream the night before
Of mages, faeries, ghosts galore...
Cloth paper scissors, other spells,
Were learned to free me from my hell.

The colors bold, dark, bright, intense,
I saw tall fire and forests dense.
I learned to focus, touch and find,
To close my eyes and use my mind.

This vision was so clear to me --
Learn to use my heart to see.

Be more colorful today; be a 'heart-see-er', and I'll be back!


Poetry Rules!

Well, now that we have not been run over with tornadoes recently, I get to take my fieldtrip out to my backyard and sit at my little table under my umbrella. These are times of peace and regeneration for me. Yesterday, some words of truth came to me which I'd like to share with you.

How many years I've watched my trees
with limbs full sway in th'evening breeze --
So many greens, so many browns,
Through sheltering growth, through ups and downs.

Each limb moves fully forth and back,
Driving high then settling slack,
Like dreams come in a woman's mind --
No known ahead, full sight behind.

The man wrote true, which spoke to me...
"There is no poem quite like a tree."

Be more visual today, and I'll be back!


Leaf of Scarlet Climber

Leaf of Scarlet Climber
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

This is another of my sketches for the planning stage of this project. Again, my backyard sure comes in handy! I guess I'll have to take pix of the jungle (VBG) so you can see the variety of vegetation...and of an evening when I sit outside under my umbrella, the birds are all SO amazing, and the butterflies, too! (That's another story...!!!)

Elephant Ear

Elephant Ear
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

This is one of my sketches for some drafts of plans for a bead project in which I'm involved. I've mentioned before that sometimes it's hard for me to get out, so my backyard becomes my field trips and my artist dates. This lovely giant (4 ft. high) elephant ear plant is right next to my patio. The plant is actually 3x's as thick as this, but for my purposes I only needed this bit. Plus, I just like to make botanical drawings with pencil.


Magazine Debut!!

Fibre and Stitch will introduce itself in September of this year, and it looks to be an exciting publication!! An online magazine, it will cover the Mixed Media Arts and is put together by Sue Bleiweiss and a team of extraordinarily talented artists. Put out quarterly, Fibre and Stitch is packed with all kinds of articles and projects covering all types of media from paper and journalling arts to wearables, machine and hand stitching, decorative arts, and much more.

Fibre and Stitch caters to all levels of artists and crafters, with something in every issue for everyone. The material will run the gamut from in-depth, full-color pictorial technique articles to quick and easy make-it-and-go projects. Of course, with Sue B. and her team at the helm, you know your Creative Muse will be inspired and enriched by this great new publication!

Again, Fibre and Stitch will be published four times a year, beginning in September 2007. For a sneek peek (VBG), go to Sue's blog to see her feature post, LOTS AND LOTS OF CHOCOLATE on one of the first feature articles! And for further information on how to subscribe, please go to www.fibreandstitch.com and get in on the premier issue of Fibre and Stitch!!!

Be inspired! Be stimulated! And I'll be back!!


My New Roving Reporter!

I am proud to be able to announce that Ever Embellished has acquired a Roving Reporter!! The articles by my Roving Reporter will only appear periodically. The actual publishing of these articles comes under the aegis of "everyone's life should have a bit of embellishment", meaning something new, different, or neat (or any other adjectives) that adds a bit of something special to their lives.

So here is the Roving Reporter's first contribution:

For some time now, I have known that men are curious creatures. Now, you ask, how can I make such an outlandish statement as that? Let me preface my remarks by saying that I really do like men, so this little essay is not an attack, but rather some observations.

First of all, men cannot, and I repeat, cannot multi-task. They can do one thing at a time, thinking only of that one thing until it is time to move on to the next one thing. They cannot be distracted, or they totally will lose their concentration, an essential ingredient in accomplishing the one thing that is pressing, at the moment. I guess you'd say that men have to mentally pace themselves.

I'm not sure that women have totally superior minds, but they are good at multi-tasking. While working on something, they are usually doing a running account of all the other things on their "to do" list. Alternately, they may be on the phone while driving a car (downright scary thought!), or they may be keeping track of how much longer the brownies have to bake, and at the same time, be watching television, and doing some mending. If you are thirty years old or younger, you may have to look up the word, "mending." -- Sorry!

Another point about men is that if they realize they have taken a wrong road, they will never turn around. They will go miles out of the way. They will never stop to ask directions, and it is only when they have gone miles out of the way, will they drag out a map to get themselves "oriented" again. I don't know about you ladies reading this, but if I'm driving and make a wrong turn, I back into someone's driveway and head back in the other direction. Problem instantly solved!

A comment that I have heard from a certain male member of my family, whose name shall go unmentioned, is that if a woman has a question, she asks other people for the answer. If a man has a question, he looks it up in a book. I suppose both systems are not to be discounted, and I equally guess that women consider others of their gender to be repositories of knowledge (sort of comprising a Collective Goddess).

There are lots of things that I have learned about men over the years, the most important of which is when to break news; and how to remain silent at crucial times, times in which he really doesn't want to hear about your mother...or his. Yes, that was a somewhat snide insuation. I'm sure you get my drift. Silence is golden.

All in all, I have liked mostly all of the men I've ever known. Like women, some are silly, some too serious, some are good-time Charlies and devil-may-care types. Some are dedicated to a particular religion and that fills their lives. Some are pacifists and some are war veterans, or are currently serving as active members of the military. Some are quilters. In this life, it takes all kinds.

Men are curious to me because I am not a man and never will be. I'll never totally fathom the biological aspects of being a man, and it's doubtful that I will ever have a true grip of man's psyche. Yet, I try to understand men, and in so doing, I triumph at the little bits of wisdom about them that I glean from time to time. Yep, men are curious creatures.

Well, For a Fourth Try...

I am fortunate enough to have found a local group here in my corner of Texas which has graciously allowed me to join. We all work with different media, and we all have some kind of presence on the web. Everyone is extremely nice, helpful, and just fun to be around.
Anyway, my joining this group has caused me to stretch a bit, but I think that's good. Stagnation produces mold (see previous post of "What Spurs You On" listing my favorite ten 'Rules of Creativity'). So I jumped in and created an Inchies Presentation. And again. And again. Unlike Arlee and many other talented and successful artists, I just do NOT get lucky on my first try of anything. And in this case, I stood back, absolutely AGHAST, at what I had done. Completely unacceptable. So I took it apart.

Well, after four tries (perseverance DOES pay off, I guess!!), you see above what I came up with! I'll be doing this again... (VBG)!!
Oh, yes, BTW the hand on the left there moves, and the outline comes from Lisa Vollrath's Ten Two Studio for her Go Make Something site (see my sidebar under 'Free Patterns and Projects'). Thank you so much, Lisa!
So be patient, be practicing, and I'll be back!!

Stitchers DO Love Dogs!!

Well, I've started another Flickr group, this one is for Stitchers (around the world) Who Own Dogs. I've begun the pool with a picture of my now-famous Brut, the World's Only One-Hundred Pound Lapdog!! I'll be adding more pix, of course, and I want to encourage all stitchers who read this to please feel free to join (it's a public group) and show us pictures of your Best Canine Friend! I can't wait to meet all the stitchers around the world who own and love dogs!! (VBG)!!

Be nice to a dog today!!


FPC Finished!!

Well, here it is, the finished FPC for my mother! I agonized a lot over the design on this, wanting to "pull a Sharon" and encrust, knowing that Mom loves that sort of thing. However, I gritted (grat? grot?!!!) my teeth and kept repeating "It's going through the POST office, Sarah..." in order to tone down anything that would get caught, ripped, or otherwise murdered on the face of the card.

Once again, silk threads in a red chain stitch, both connected (the heart outline) and individual (the droplets above the 'L') by Vikki Clayton of Hand-Dyed Fibers, NAYY, just like to give my friends support, moral or otherwise (VBG). The fabric is by Wichelt, the red beads covering a red feather stitch are Mill Hill, and the variegated thread on the edges is satin stitch by machine using Gutermann's.

Be thoughtful, be more!! and I'll be back!

54-40 Again!

I don't know my fascination with this shape, but it will turn up a lot in my work. For right now, this is a doodle cloth. I like to think and reflect those thoughts with a needle and thread, so I guess this is where my mind is headed this month. The figure is on 14-ct. Aida, sparkly, with turquoise DMC thread, my most favorite color.

TAST or 6x4?

These two differently styled hearts were an experiment with fabric and floss. It's Hardanger, of course, but neither of the fabrics are "proper" Hardanger fabrics, and neither is the floss, technically. I liked the final result of both.

OMG, I'm SMOKIN'...!!! Another WISP....

I just finished this sachet a few minutes ago! It's done with outline stitch, silks courtesy of Vikki Clayton of Hand-dyed Fibers. The ribbon is from a stash that either my mother or grandmother had given to me...now I know why WE KEEP EVERYTHING!!! God forbid if I had thrown that ribbon out just an hour before I got the idea to do this sachet!!

As a matter of fact, I actually did that once. I had a gold-print long dress from the late 1950's (no, NOT mine, you smarty-pantses!!), sleeveless. I tossed it outside into the big trash bin *absolutely sure* that I would never need it. HAH. That afternoon (this was a couple years ago), I got my materials for the "Sleep with the Angels" project through CQMagOnline. Well, immediately I knew I *had* to have the gold, so I dashed back JUST as the trash truck pulled up and snagged my bin. Screaming like a maniac, I managed to catch them in the nick of time and snatched that bad boy gold dress back quicker than a frog can snap a fly (gee, I DO have frogs on the brain!!!).

(Lordy, don't let my DH see this, he'll torch my stash.....)


LMAO!!! Need I say more???
Who's got a name? Leave me a comment...(VBG)

Catching Up with My WISPs...

Well, here's a WISP I just finished, to give my DH, that just needs to be framed. The actual stitching is finished, and it actually did not take me that long! It's a pattern I got from somewhere, I *think* a Leisure Arts leaflet. DH and I have a frog thing going...when we were first courting seven years ago, I commented that I was so glad I had done with frogs, I had had to kiss too damn many of them to find my prince!! He retaliated by giving me a 6" high ceramic frog with a crown, a scepter, and a royally red cloak! But I've upped him...besides this adorable little Frog Angel, I also found a GIGANTUOUS stuffed green frog about 3' long including legs. I tried to get DH to take the frog along on the truck to use as a reading pillow.
DH was not amused. (*gives a sweetly evil grin*). Undissuaded, I perched him on the sofa where, when we're watching TV or reading, DH surreptitiously sneaks said froggie under his head for, yup you guessed it, a reading pillow! (*collapses in laughter!!*)
I do enjoy working others' stuff to relax, and for that reason, if nothing else, I *am* enjoying this whole WISP (Works In Slow Progress) effort. Kudos to Sandi at Delightfully Crazy for having proposed the project, and to Sharon B. for continuing to bravely blog about her WISP pile, along with many others. I'm a bit of an infrequent reporter of my WISPs, I'm afraid, and I *do* have rather a few!! Oh well, if nothing else, we'll all have one less New Year's Resolution to make in (YIKES!) just seven months...right, everyone??!!
Be inspired, be creative, and I'll be back!


What Spurs You On?

Sharon B. blogged for her Sunday post on creativity. The inspiration came from Serena Fenton's Layers of Meaning, to which I also subscribe and had gotten the heads-up. Serena had come across a post from gapingvoid about creativity. Sharon picked her ten top favorites and challenged us to pick our top ten faves, too. So here are mine:

  1. Ignore everybody (my PERSONAL favorite!!! (VBG)).
  2. The idea doesn't have to be big, it just has to change the world. (Well, I don't know how world-changing I am yet, but the more I learn, the more I strive).
  3. Put the hours in. (Having played the piano for more than forty years, and been a concert and recitalist pianist during my pre-teen years, I am here to tell you there are NO overnight miracles...but work does bring its own rewards).
  4. You are responsible for your own experience. (Unless you're about to be hit by lightening!)
  5. Everybody has their own personal Mount Everest that they were put on this earth to climb. (Life is not easy, but how are you going to learn otherwise??!!...those of us who have an entire Mountain Range obviously will have IQs of at least 300 eventually!!!!)
  6. Don't try to stand out in the crowd; avoid the crowd altogether. (This is my second personal favorite!!)
  7. The world is changing. (Better change with it...stagnation produces mold!!!)
  8. Merit can be bought; passion can't. (If it's not from the heart, it's not worth producing, IMHO.)
  9. The choice of media is irrelevant. (Thank goodness I don't have to be a Rembrandt!!)
  10. Sing in your own voice. I switched order a bit and put this one last because in a way it sums up all the others. And, for me, besides the fact that I LOVE ignoring crowds (Extremely big grin!!), it means the most.



Again, my apologies, to Corina this time...She lives now in Colombia, not Romania, but her pix are still gorgeous, and she generously gave me a link in her comment to her cousin's Yahoo 360 site, where Veronica shows what she can do with the photos. I can't get the link to publish herein the post, but it's VERY worth it to go to her comment (in the just previous post about her Seahorse) and cut-and-paste the link in your navigator or search box and go feast your eyes!

Be adventurous, be creative, and I'll be back!!!

Seahorse in Needlework

Originally uploaded by corinas.

Still relaxing...I found this piece in the Flickr photostream of my Corina. I admire her talent and work; plus she has some gorgeous pix of Romanian gardens and plants. Go visit her photostream, and she has a blog, also!!


Art Dolls: Marj's Cone Doll, side view

cone doll side
Originally uploaded by Marjorie from Illnois.

Look at this! I couldn't resist; I like to check Flickr before I go to bed -- it relaxes me to see everyone's wonderful work. I just love the colors here; this is a side view. Go check out Marj's other projects on Flickr!


BTW, I'm still working on my sidebar -- I've still got quite a few links to move and reorganize, so please be patient with me!!


Hey, everybody! Earlier I posted about how thrilled I am that my friend Lenni has had the opportunity to put up her work up on a website. However (mega-apologies, Lenni), I got the name of the site wrong, although my link was correct. Abel Designs is Lenni's wonderful husband's web design work. Lenni's site is: Lenni Abel: Art Quilts. I have corrected my sidebar entry, and I am SO sorry, Lenni! But everyone would have ended up there anyway since I got the link right (do not EVEN ask me how I made that!). So, GO VISIT LENNI's LOVELY QUILTS!!!

So be good, be creative, be happy! And I'll be back!!

Sampler Prep

I'm in a small group of women participating in a band sampler RR. Samplers are an interesting breed of needlework. I'll cover more about them in another post. For the moment, I wanted to post a pic of this one on which I'm working. The photo was taken a bit ago, as my band is almost done. But I wanted you to see one of the ways to prep a sampler. The red threads are are J&P Coats sewing thread, back in the day you could get them 3/$1. No, I'm not telling you when day, except the dinosaurs WERE gone! I use red as my prep thread because it's easiest to see. Anyway, Norma's sampler is a gorgeous shade of pumpkin, and my red threads go horizontally at every five count. Normally I'd grid it at 10ct x 10ct, but my design was planned to be more horizontally oriented rather than vertically. Again, samplers WILL be covered further in future posts.
Be good, be creative, be happy! and I'll be back!


Another Very Cool Blog with FREEBIES

Well, yet again I LOVE following everyone's links. I found an adorable blog with great art and awesome sharing. The name of the blog is Kissy Cross, and she is now listed in my sidebar. The site is in German, but you'll always understand beauty in embroidery and the word "Free" is similar all over the world!! Definite worthwhile, so go visit her!!

Be creative and be happy, and I'll be back!!


Art Opps Don't Grow on Trees!

Under my Great Opportunities heading there in my sidebar, you should check out ArtGroupDFW. There are a LOT of studios and show opportunities in my particular area, and I bet there are great show opportunities near you, too. Do a Google search, and I know you'll be surprised with what you find!

The Artist's Way

Several months ago, a group of us from various art disciplines got together and started our own Yahoo! group here to study it together. The group is moderated by Aisling d'Art, and we also have a blog here. Many of us finished the 12 weeks, many of us got sidetracked by life.

Those of us who got sidetracked decided to go through it again. We go at our own pace. Sometimes some of us will take a couple weeks on a particular chapter. Sometimes a chapter get skipped and then returned to.

Either way, the feedback and shared insights are tremendous and add a whole 'nother element to a fascinating opportunity.

I just wanted to make this opportunity available again...I know a recurring theme in blogs lately is how to get past the BOULDERS of blah and back into a Creative Mode. So if you are interested, beg, borrow or buy a copy of The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I picked up my copy at Barnes & Noble (NAYY), it's the nearest bookstore to my home. And come join us !!


There Are Some AWESOME Folks Out There...

My friend Lenni is an incredible woman. And I know a LOT of incredible women! Lenni's a quilter, and a member of our Survivor Challenge group (from the Quilting Arts list). She has finally had a wonderful opportunity to open her own website to showcase her beautiful work at Abel Design. Please go visit her site and be inspired!!

Be good, be productive, and I'll be back!


Blog, Flickr, What's Next??!!

Well, in addition to Flickr accounts for Needlelace and More, and Pulled/Drawn Threads (see sidebar), I've started another account, called Ever Embellished -- it's a public account. Please feel free to join it if you'd like, and post pictures of your own stitching embellishments! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's projects...my philosophy is that if it's important enough to spend time doing it, then it's important enough to be shared!


Several years ago, when DH and I first got together, his mother had a twenty-foot long bed of iris in all the imaginable colors. She decided to move, so she gave us six. For the first time, this year they bloomed --what a lovely shade of purple they are!


Of Mice and Men (well, actually, birds!)

I can't always get out of the house. My "field trips" tend to be my backyard. But my yard is fixed up kinda cool, it's sort of my haven, and I love to watch which birds come in when. My particular favorite is the mourning dove, I just love their calls. And my most memorable -- well, have YOU ever been dive-bombed by a barn swallow??!!

Anyway, it's great for sketching and idea-grabbing, but what if I want to implement an owl or some other bird which doesn't reside within my fence?

HAH -- we go to the 'net!! So, I've added two links to my sidebar -- one's under Education, "All About Birds" -- attracting them, watching them, identifying them, and WONDERFUL pics! AND, under "Go Visit, Really Worth It", I added the Cornell LIVE-FEED BIRDHOUSE NESTCAM. Wow, is THAT phenomenal!

I forget who it was recently, Acey maybe? who had pics of a barnowl from Italy, TX, a town not too awful far from me, just down the road a piece. (Of course, if you're from somewhere large like Texas, Alaska, or Australia, you'll know the ramifications of that phrase...VBG!!) Anyway, the pics were great, and it's so fun to also be able to watch them on the live-feed birdnest cam.

Well, that's all the news so far...be good, be productive, and I'll be back!!



I humphed in my last entry because Blogger (please note my lady-like lack of single-syllable short-vowel fricatives (Anglo-Saxon)) would not put out my icons at the tope of the posting space. I was tres annoyed. So I humphed.

But Today I Have Icons.

Let's see what happens next...GASP!! My Botany Bookmark came through!!

And, in joyful celebration, I have the following announcement to make:

First, I have a regular flickr account now, at http://flickr.com/photos/txstitchermom/, which are all my general pix, plus we have started two new flickr groups.

Our first new addition is a public photo pool as an offshoot of our Needlelace and More Yahoo!Group (the NON-SPAM version). The photos may be viewed here, although we've all been quite busy and haven't had a chance to post much.

The second new flickr group is in the field of Pulled and Drawn Thread. If you are interested in either of those needlework media and have some work which you'd like to post, please get in touch with me either through this blog or through flickr.

More soon!


Coming Attractions...

Well, it's late and I'm tired out of my mind, but here's what's up for tomorrow. I have several projects going, a quilting one of which is actually "done". And, although I generally shouldn't admit it, I sort of play Minesweep, AND I WON THE EXPERT LEVEL!!! Yes, you guessed it, I actually took a pic of the screen (I hope it came out!!) cuz I knew DH wouldn't believe me!!! So be good, be well, and I'll be back!


The 22' Oriental Project and then some...

well, I got all these loaded up, it's after midnight and I'm tired out of my mind. So I'm just going to tell you quick what they are and tomorrow they will each have their own titles and paragraphs!
The top one requires a large para...it's a 22' long (I kid you not!) Oriental piece of fabric in panels. My wonderful Mom grabbed it from somewhere and we split it...you see my half!
Next is a tag project I'm working on with another group. What you see is three macrame dragonflies on side one. They'll be done finally in a couple days, at which you'll see front and back before I mail them out.
The third pic is a bee-yoo-tee-full miniature Goddess quiltlet wall hanging. It is an original, signed, Arlee Barr. I'm quite thrilled! Although I MUST say, shrieking in delight via email just does not have the same effect as shrieking into the phone and making the recipient hold her phone a foot away from her ear!!!
And the fourth pic is a wonderful pile of sparklies and thingies, including a darling little painted art doll head, which I need to get a close up of tomorrow to go with the sparklie pic. These are also from my awesome Canadian friend...again, the disappointment of email shrieks of delight!!
So that's it for now, y'all!! Behave, be good, and I'll be back!!