Well, For a Fourth Try...

I am fortunate enough to have found a local group here in my corner of Texas which has graciously allowed me to join. We all work with different media, and we all have some kind of presence on the web. Everyone is extremely nice, helpful, and just fun to be around.
Anyway, my joining this group has caused me to stretch a bit, but I think that's good. Stagnation produces mold (see previous post of "What Spurs You On" listing my favorite ten 'Rules of Creativity'). So I jumped in and created an Inchies Presentation. And again. And again. Unlike Arlee and many other talented and successful artists, I just do NOT get lucky on my first try of anything. And in this case, I stood back, absolutely AGHAST, at what I had done. Completely unacceptable. So I took it apart.

Well, after four tries (perseverance DOES pay off, I guess!!), you see above what I came up with! I'll be doing this again... (VBG)!!
Oh, yes, BTW the hand on the left there moves, and the outline comes from Lisa Vollrath's Ten Two Studio for her Go Make Something site (see my sidebar under 'Free Patterns and Projects'). Thank you so much, Lisa!
So be patient, be practicing, and I'll be back!!

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