More Updates...!

This is Ricky and I at Dallas Heritage Village, one of our VERY favorite places in Dallas. The Heritage Village has all kinds of original historic dwellings moved to this locale and preserved.

An original-pattern quilt (tell me if you know the pattern name!), a Native American teepee, a potter giving a demonstration with his wheel, and two of a rare breed of North American Mammoth Jack Stock donkeys, originally bred by George Washington in the late 1700's. We so enjoy ourselves each time we go, and I am always fascinated by the different quilts to see, the types of needlework tools in the store, and everything else.
Be inspired by your history! Be interested in other living beings! And I'll be back!!


A while ago my regular readers will remember how excited I was about my forthcoming grandson, and I published his "First Picture". Well, here he is today, absolutely adorable, with his mother, my Treasure, absolutely beautiful! I know you can't tell how proud I am (*grin*), and how very blessed!!
Be proud of the people in your life! Be blessed by the gift of love! And, I'll be back!!