In and Out, Back and Forth

Well, life's bodyslams continue! My backbone MUST be made out of steel...who knew??!!

As I less than merrily weave my way through this newest set of BOULDERS in my life's path, my posting will be somewhat erratic; however, I WILL still be here and WILL continue to share my world of fabrics, fibers and founds with you.

For those of you who have been following me regularly (Thank You!!!), you'll know that I have not been able to drive in over two years, which makes this current situation SO much more enjoyable (not!!).

I can report that my Treasure, my daughter, is doing beautifully, and my grandson kicked me hello a couple days ago -- he is SO ready to join us soon (February can't come soon enough!!).

So stay tuned...A N D...

Be curious! Allow yourself to Be Challenged!! And I'll be back!!