How time flies!

My grandson, Preston, started off 2010 wonderfully by getting his mother, My Treasure, to bring him for a visit --well, a couple days before New Year's, but still carrying me into the fabulousness of a new set of gift-days to look forward to! Oh my, I had the best time holding him and watching him and enjoying him!! (sorry, but I get to sound like a proud grandma, since I am!!!)

I didn't make any resolutions, except I did pick my Word of the Year -- Persevere. Creative Every Day also has a post about this -- "Flowing Out Of...". I think it'll give an interesting perspective to my observations and activities this year!

Take a look at the above links, and post me a note here about your choice.
If you have children or grandchildren, be grateful for them! Post a note here directing us to your blog and pix!
Be conscious! Be kind! And I'll be back!!