More Motivation and Inspiration

Meet my Mom, Lois Nickel, at her home in Maryland. Mom is a quilter from way back, and got me interested in quilting and sewing when I was in grade school. Her work is amazing, and she has been and always will be my inspiration to persevere.

Mom has Alzheimer's Disease now. This picture was taken recently on a good day. I love her so very much and miss her terribly.

If you never have, pick up a needle and thread and learn to sew a few stitches. It can be peace for the soul. And if you don't mind, please take a minute and click on the AAQI badge to the right and visit the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. See what quilters from all over are doing to raise awareness of and encourage fundraising for Alzheimer's Disease. Please become involved. One day it won't be too late for someone else's mother, family member, or friend.

Thank you.

Be sensitive...be involved! And I'll be back...

Word of the Year!

My word of the year is "Persevere". That also includes "Motivation". As in when I'm lacking motivation, PERSEVERE. Or when I'm not lacking motivation but having problems with inspiration or technique or material or time, PERSEVERE.


So to that end, I've joined the gals at Three Creative Studios in their 2010 Creative Cue clues. These are great motivators, and I'm having fun as well as learning. And persevering!!

So stay tuned! Be motivated! Be persevering!! And I'll be back!!