Sanity By Any Other Name

Sanity By Any Other Name
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Besides my other treasures (daughter, DH, dog), this piano is another. A/K/A sanity!! My paternal grandmother left it to me. It is a Fayette Cable (almost as good a reputation as a Steinway), late 1940's to very early 1950's, I believe, as near as I can research it. It is a wonderful instrument, and I am so very fortunate to have it.

I have been playing since I was 4 (*rather* over 40 years [grin]), including a stint as concert pianist in jr. high, choir accompanist in high school, and years during and after high school playing the pipe organ through my church (which was absolutely awesome...the music literally seems to flow through you and swirl around you).

There are too many times to mention when I have played out my sadness, my joys, my "what do I do now"s, and just for fun to celebrate all the small happinesses in my life. I'm grateful not only for the instrument, but also for the talent to use it -- it has saved my sanity many, many times and I hope it will do so for many, many years to come.

Be artful! Be creative and let it flow from your heart! And I'll be back!


Anonymous said...

Now I know that you must come to visit me. I don't have a piano, but I do have a mighty darned awesome Yamaha keyboard. If only I'd had quality music training when I was young.

Maybe you'll play me a few tunes? Pretty please?

Yours, the pest

freebird said...

Lucky, lucky you. I can't sing or play, sigh. But, I can bead and listen to someone else sing or play. What a pleasure it is to have a treasured hand-me-down.