Well, as you can see, there has been nothing for a month. There is a tragic but true reason for this.

My husband, after retiring from the FAA, decided to entertain every boy's dream by playing with trucks. Nothing would do but he had to have his own. So we are buying our very own 18-wheeler. This means that I only get to see him once a month right now. We have, after three years, only 15 weeks left of [in]voluntary poverty, so to speak, and then he'll be around a lot more.

In the meantime, I know you all know about Murphy's Law. It also exists in this corner of Texas as Sarah's Moderated Murphy's Law, which is to say that not only if it can happen it will, but it will happen the day after Ron leaves and cannot be fixed for A MONTH. This generally only applies to the computer and the car. And not necessarily in that order.

So today, my computer is finally fixed. I have a raft of pics, I've been busily working on my Fabric Art Journal complete with gnome; some miniature textile/fiber pieces; a doll for my sister-in-law (who has cerebral palsy rather seriously but loves me for the stuff I sew for her!!); and some interesting pieces involving gingham and different types of threads, and, of course, my postcards for 4x6 which I haven't even had a chance to post yet although they are done. Sigh.

Because Ron's only going to be home for 2 more days, I'm really sorry but I'm going to spend time with him. This is not only because I love him but also because next month he's taking his days off to visit with my brother in North Carolina (they are frighteningly thicker than thieves!!!). Therefore, once he goes, I will be keeping my little self busy posting pix of everything (yes, comments ARE welcome!!), and chasing my gnome around to fasten him into my Fabric Art Journal.

Thank you all, not only for your patience but also for your continued interest in what goes on in this corner of the world!!

Best wishes for continued success in all your endeavors and very warmest regards from your favorite pesky Texan