I Beg A Moment of Your Time...

Hey there, everyone, Happy Monday!! Of course, for some it's not such a happy day...for instance, in the town of Gainesville, in Texas near the Oklahoma border, the town is flooded. Like feet high, cars filled with water almost to the roof, flooded. My, and I know yours when you hear, thoughts and prayers are with that area at this time. Although we, as Texans, and others from dry-ish areas, generally do not complain about rain, there are surely times when enough is just a bit more than enough!

On the note of the day, I have noticed, and I know many others have noticed also, the huge problem on the Web with copyright infringement. There are so many folks who are wanting something for nothing and genially lifting the hard work of others off of the Web and publishing said work as available for all or even as the copy lifter's own work. Yucko bucko. Not that there is anything wrong with free patterns, tutorials, and other materials, of course -- there are tons of those copyright-free items all over!

However and notwithstanding (I love that phrase!), when someone works hard on something and proudly publishes a picture of that work, NO MATTER WHAT MEDIUM is used, we really should respect their work and their efforts. Please.

So I would respectfully request that everyone take notice of the copyright notices given here on EE, both in the sidebar and at the bottom of the page. And please respect the hard work of everyone in our cyber world. By all means take advantage of FREEBIES, that is why they are so marked and available -- like in EE's sidebar, for instance!!!. But please, please always check copyrights with owners, publishers and/or artists (whether in print or image work), and respect the copyright laws.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this, I really appreciate it.

Be visual, be law-abiding, and be rule-breaking in your art! And I'll be back!!


Patty said...

I joined a cross stitch chart round robin on Postcrossing. The woman who organized it said she didn't want any free charts from the internet so someone asked if copies of charts from magazines, etc. were ok. I was like, "Hello, you can't make copies of stuff from magazines and then give them out." And, I got a couple of responses of "Well, the laws in our country say you can." (Postcrossing had members from all around the world.) I don't think they're right. I'm next to last to receive the charts and I've decided that I am not taking any that are photocopied. Another thing that bugs me is bloggers who post photos from books and magazines. I would think that's a no-no too.

arlee said...

I'm pretty sure that if you post photos or words by someone else, that if YOU GIVE CREDIT, you are okay. Taking the credit though is something else, as is photocopying and giving it out for Nefarious Crafting. I have Copyscape installed and check periodically to see if i've been "infringed"--it *has* happened on occassion that someone stole from me, but is usually cleared up within a day or two with a polite letter to the "writer" and the company who owns the spot--ie Blogger, Typepad, etc.Sharing, or pointing to the site, is fine---saying it's yours is a whole new ball of crap!