Turquoise Oriental Purse

Turquoise Oriental Purse
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This little beauty is another clutch purse, turquoise silk with an oriental flower motif on it. I don't know what it is about clutch purses, but I just love them, especially for evenings out, not that I get out all that much...

I bought this when I was still in high school. I was just enamoured of the color and the style. Since my birthday is in December, my birthstone is the turquoise, and turquoise jewelry or -colored anything is my all-time favorite in whatever area!

In my work this year, you'll be seeing a lot of turquoise used. Much of what I'm doing is for future dates. One is the Houston International Quilting Festival, about which I'm very excited and very nervous. And there are a couple opportunities here locally in which I've been invited to participate. Truthfully, I'm thrilled! As time goes on, however, I'll be posting a lot more of my smaller stuff as it gets done, and I'm not talking about WISPs!!! (Although Lord knows I've got plenty of them also!!)

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