OMG, I'm SMOKIN'...!!! Another WISP....

I just finished this sachet a few minutes ago! It's done with outline stitch, silks courtesy of Vikki Clayton of Hand-dyed Fibers. The ribbon is from a stash that either my mother or grandmother had given to me...now I know why WE KEEP EVERYTHING!!! God forbid if I had thrown that ribbon out just an hour before I got the idea to do this sachet!!

As a matter of fact, I actually did that once. I had a gold-print long dress from the late 1950's (no, NOT mine, you smarty-pantses!!), sleeveless. I tossed it outside into the big trash bin *absolutely sure* that I would never need it. HAH. That afternoon (this was a couple years ago), I got my materials for the "Sleep with the Angels" project through CQMagOnline. Well, immediately I knew I *had* to have the gold, so I dashed back JUST as the trash truck pulled up and snagged my bin. Screaming like a maniac, I managed to catch them in the nick of time and snatched that bad boy gold dress back quicker than a frog can snap a fly (gee, I DO have frogs on the brain!!!).

(Lordy, don't let my DH see this, he'll torch my stash.....)

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Sandie said...

hehehe this made me laugh, you fishing the dress out of the bin. Have to admit though, I've done this many a time - thrown something and gone and fetched it within hours. Maybe we should do a bin in the house (somewhere inconspicuous) and throw all the stuff we can't work out what to do with in there ..... the light bulb may just come on! lol Inspiration via throwing stuff in the bin ...
Your satchet is lovely, such fine threads - I really love Vikki Clayton's silks.