I'm So Privileged with the People I Know!

My dear friend Pat Cummings runs Quiltersmuse.com, the link for which is also on my sidebar. Pat is an amazing woman, very intelligent, very talented, and very fun! Pat also runs a Yahoo!group called Outline Stitch Embroidery and History. She has an amazing collection of quilts, textiles and needlework, information about which she shares generously with the group. We all thoroughly enjoy learning, trying new patterns, sharing our own information and trials and tribulations, generally have tons of fun! So, a few days ago, Pat reproduced another of her collection of authentic nineteenth century designs, loaded it onto her Free Patterns page, and wrote to our list that she did in it honor of me and my Hibiscus garden. She said she was calling the pattern "Sarah's Hibiscus". I was so touched, I was in [happy!] tears when I called her to thank her. No one has ever done that for me before, and I was both humbled and blown away.

Arlee is another fabulous artist and woman in Canada whom I'm fortunate to know. This morning I commented on her post, "Lightening the Mood", where she supports the process of taking a nap to heighten your creative concepts. She says, "it came to me in a dream..."! You all know what I've written about dreams in my earlier post, "Dreaming is Learning ".

Rosemary Claus-Grey is another great artist. Rosemary received a write-up in Sharon B's inaminuteago about her work in threads and fibers. I particularly like her "River Oaks" and Willow" in that section. Rosemary also has several other sections, including her Small Design Studies, which I like, too.

Sue Bleiwiss has thoughtfully provided the directions on how to make a padfolio. Everyone currently seems to be enjoying those wonderful little inventions -- I've seen several around the blogosphere. You can see pix of folks' finished padfolios here, here, here, and here. In addition, Sue, and a wonder team of fellow artists, is starting a new magazine called Fibre and Stitch. If you have not yet had the chance to subscribe, I strongly recommend that you do so. This is one publication that should NOT be missed!

All these wonderfully talented artists do have one (of many) thing in common -- they dream. They have a vision, whether it's for a piece of art, a particular technique, or a different sort of project, and they have the faith to take that first step to get them started.

So I wrote before, and I'll write again...learn to see with your heart. In fact, I'll put out a challenge -- name ONE THOUGHT that you saw with your heart TODAY (as you read this post). For the first step, write it in a comment below. And, based on the number of comments we'll get here in the next two weeks, there will be a second step. So stick with EE and stayed tuned!!

Today, see the world through different eyes. Just for a moment. And then act on what you see.

Be act'ers! Be in the present. Be a dreamer! And I'll be back!!


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, a pretty Hibiscus for a pretty lady!

I always enjoy your blog, Sarah, and I am honored that you would say such nice things about me.

I am happy that you know such talented people. Let's all "keep on truckin'" - please tell Ron I said so. ~ Pat ~

freebird said...

An empty room is just an art canvas for you to paint a picture by filling it. Your daughter will love to see her mom in her own special place. Post her picture somewhere inside the room and it will still be hers too.