Cannas in June

Cannas in June
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Too bad it's not Cannes in June!! (VBG)

The water plants are just to the left of these cannas, also begun from a gift of two from the Master Gardeners' conference so long ago.

Cannas are such incredibly beautiful flowers. They come in a deep blood red, and also these fabulous yellow and orange blooms. The fluted petals are that gorgeous yellow, with dark orange centers.

As you can see, these are now in a clump which I'll have to separate before their next bloom season. Again, these winters...!!!!!

I have been experimenting with some fabrics to try to capture the brilliance of these blossoms. The buds are reminescent of Birds-of-Paradise. I'd love to get my hands on a few BoPs!

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Anonymous said...

Hah! I was a canna on the QA list thingy! LOL!
Hope you haven't sprouted webbed feet, milady!