The Turning of the Year...

Although I generally will not write too much about really personal stuff, I will say that the past year has been one of stultifying pain and sadness in my heart. I decided to get involved with my blog in order to distract my thoughts into a more positive direction.

I'm working on a piece (for something). Well, I'm working on lots of things, but this piece, I think, will join the past year with the coming, and return my focus more clearly to creativity. It's to be called "Sorrow Dances".

Tomorrow, there will be pictures. DH gave me a new camera -- let's all join in with a heartfelt YAY!! and tomorrow, there will be introductions for TAST (Take-A-Stitch Tuesday) run by Sharon Boggon, and WISP (Works In Slow Progress) Wednesday, put together by Sandy. Many people have blogged their year-past creations...I will post my year-to-come projects. There is a STRONG current throughout the creative blog community towards finishing that which was begun, clearing the boards, etc. It speaks to the makings of a lively year here in our community, one which will be both interesting and inspirational for all.

So, today, I wish everyone the magic and fulfillment of the Eve of the New Year, and I wish you clarity of your soul's sight with verve and enthusiasm in your heart for each moment of the day in which you find yourself being.

I was told recently that from great pain comes great joy...and joy is to be shared from the heart. So I do believe that this *will* be the year that Sorrow Dances.

Heartfelt regards and peaceful wishes from Sarah


and BACK to the Program...

Ok, here's the last one for the moment. I can either sit here and post a gazillion pix (I know, I know, we ALL love pics!), or I can go do some work after this and post more Tuesday or Wednesday..well, we all know what Wednesday is, so at the very *latest*, I'll put up some more piccies then. Anyway, in my (don't laugh) spare time (IS there such a thing???), I have also become interested in goddess dolls. You just saw the large one I'm about to attempt. This small one is my first attempt at beading. The photo is horrible -- the beads are a lovely shade of grass green, and you can't even see the white beads I've started using for the head. *sigh*. The pattern is available at Kivett Studios, listed there on my sidebar. Ronda is a very talented artist and is quite gracious with her free patterns. She has more than one small goddess doll pattern, so you may want to print one off and try it yourself. (NAYY!) Although you can't tell since my piano bench is my photo-table, the actual pattern shown is only about 4", if that.

We Interrupt This Program ~~

I have a bad habit of surfing around while waiting for an editing or whatever action to complete. This area, somewhat rural, is still on Dial-Up (don't laugh), and things go somewhat slowly (not that the UPS person has to leap-frog over large black cows dotting the landscape between roads). Anyway, I can't stand sitting here and staring at a blank, blinking screen so I pull up another and go poking around.

And thank goodness I do!! Today's featured neato-torpedo fiber/textile gifted blessing to our world is Kathy York, found at her blog here. Like our Ferret mentioned yesterday here, Kathy Y. has a talent for the different in such a beautiful way! If you missed Ferret's site, you must go so as to save yourself from deprivation; and if you have not yet been to aquamoon, you are equally deprived and must visit!

Let me go check that dang screen again...


Well, these are what I call B-Worx. Beginning Works. May or may not become WISPs, depending. On what, I'm never sure...some things get speedily finished -- I just get on a roll, ideas snap together, and that's that, so to speak. Others (the Dreaded WISPs) get to a point where I just have to stop and think for a while, meantime becoming happily distracted with another B-Worx! One pic will be a cq tea cozy for one of my little one-cup tea pots (I have two of them!). The other is going to be a cq goddess doll. I'm actually excited about them both, but I'm going to include them in my WISP Wednesday posts, just in case!
So onward, onward!!

Perks (w/pics!)

Here's another what-I-consider-to-be perk -- I have come to adore making a pot of tea on an afternoon. I collect teapots, and one of my favorites is my grandmother's. It's sort of a peachy color, solid. The first tea cozy I ever made was done for it, and is reversible. In the pic here, I've tried to show by folding up the right corner there -- the reverse side is in shades of blue and goldenrod in an Oriental print. The yellow flower in the lower middle is my first effort at a sort of trapunto effect...it seems so inadequate now but 25 years ago I thought I was the cat's miaouw to try it!

WISPs, Works, Pics, Perks (Reversed and in Parts)

Well, perks first -- this is Brut, my 100-lb. lap dog. When DH first brought him home, Brut could fit in his hand. There's been just a *bit* of growth ... (grin!). Brut is supposed to be my watch-dog since I'm home alone so much of the time. DH, you may recall from an earlier post, retired from the FAA to play with trucks and now runs his own 18-wheeler cross-country for one of the major trucking companies. Brut, however, approaches everyone with a silly grin and a wagging tail. Well, for some reason he *does* hate the UPS person, but it's not MY fault!!


Many Blessings~

Just an interim note before this weekend's work. . .there are so many talented artists with such great inspiration-ing work into who's creative lives we are allowed to peek~~ so check out a new discovery for me http://ferfab.blogspot.com/ with incredible pieces, IMHO.

Tomorrow I am anticipating tea cozies, goddess dolls, WISPs, and works. I look forward to hearing your feedback (Open, Honest, Candid, and [GENTLY] Brutally Frank).

Until later then.