The Family's All Here!!


I was thinking about things in the last couple of days. And I, well, sometimes we all say life gets in the way. But I'm committed to my work. I guess most of the times why I do not always show my work is because it is, on the personal parts of it, not positive. And as we all know, hand-work is not fast.

One of the artists that I most admire is Bean Gilsdorf. One of my favorite pieces is her birds and guns.

Guns and life are intertwined. In my opinion, guns are not bad or evil or whatever. I was a hunter, and I shot birds for food. But I also focus some of my work on birds.

So what I'm saying, I guess, is that I like Bean's work. And I don't think guns are evil, per se. And I do think that people need to keep open minds about human beings and animal beings, and to just not be judgmental generally.

Who are we to make a statement???

Be open. Be aware! And I'll be back!!


Catching Up...

Welcome to my new home! This is a collage that my friend and downstairs neighbor, Angela, made. She is an awesome artist with pen-and-ink and collage. I was admiring her work one evening and she just gave it to me! It's mounted on the wall in my hallway, and I'm honored that it hangs in my new home.
This is a two-bedroom apartment -- the spare room is a WIP for my workroom. For some reason, I just don't like the word "studio" in connection with my work. Yet. Perhaps I'm a WIP, too??!!
The other reason, besides needing a workspace, that I chose a 2-bedroom is, naturally, my Sanity (*grin*), aka The Piano, needed space. A 1-bedroom would have had me sleeping UNDER the piano, with my workspace in the bedroom. That scenario had no appeal for me (duh!!). Of course, I sort of neglected to tell the piano movers that I was on the second floor, and my Sanity weighs rather a lot (over a ton). I do believe I actually learned new words, as well as new and inventiveways to string said words together!!
Be brave! Be optimistic! And I'll be back!


I'm Baaaack!!

Hey, everyone! I have FINALLY been able to acquire a computer. Just yesterday. (*GRIN*) I'm getting it up and running, software loaded, and pix prepared to post.

I have started a second blog, Tumbleweed Designs. Over the next few days, I will be posting personal work here and professional work by Tumbleweed Designs there. Please stay tuned...I have been faithful about taking pictures through these last painful, computer-less months (the library here does not allow one to upload anything on their system, which make sense of course, but is SO inconvenient!!), so please stay tuned!

Be patient! Be adventurous! And I'll be back!