Sampler Prep

I'm in a small group of women participating in a band sampler RR. Samplers are an interesting breed of needlework. I'll cover more about them in another post. For the moment, I wanted to post a pic of this one on which I'm working. The photo was taken a bit ago, as my band is almost done. But I wanted you to see one of the ways to prep a sampler. The red threads are are J&P Coats sewing thread, back in the day you could get them 3/$1. No, I'm not telling you when day, except the dinosaurs WERE gone! I use red as my prep thread because it's easiest to see. Anyway, Norma's sampler is a gorgeous shade of pumpkin, and my red threads go horizontally at every five count. Normally I'd grid it at 10ct x 10ct, but my design was planned to be more horizontally oriented rather than vertically. Again, samplers WILL be covered further in future posts.
Be good, be creative, be happy! and I'll be back!

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