Catching Up with My WISPs...

Well, here's a WISP I just finished, to give my DH, that just needs to be framed. The actual stitching is finished, and it actually did not take me that long! It's a pattern I got from somewhere, I *think* a Leisure Arts leaflet. DH and I have a frog thing going...when we were first courting seven years ago, I commented that I was so glad I had done with frogs, I had had to kiss too damn many of them to find my prince!! He retaliated by giving me a 6" high ceramic frog with a crown, a scepter, and a royally red cloak! But I've upped him...besides this adorable little Frog Angel, I also found a GIGANTUOUS stuffed green frog about 3' long including legs. I tried to get DH to take the frog along on the truck to use as a reading pillow.
DH was not amused. (*gives a sweetly evil grin*). Undissuaded, I perched him on the sofa where, when we're watching TV or reading, DH surreptitiously sneaks said froggie under his head for, yup you guessed it, a reading pillow! (*collapses in laughter!!*)
I do enjoy working others' stuff to relax, and for that reason, if nothing else, I *am* enjoying this whole WISP (Works In Slow Progress) effort. Kudos to Sandi at Delightfully Crazy for having proposed the project, and to Sharon B. for continuing to bravely blog about her WISP pile, along with many others. I'm a bit of an infrequent reporter of my WISPs, I'm afraid, and I *do* have rather a few!! Oh well, if nothing else, we'll all have one less New Year's Resolution to make in (YIKES!) just seven months...right, everyone??!!
Be inspired, be creative, and I'll be back!

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Sandie said...

What a gorgeous WISP, love the frog story - that is so sweet and the reading pillow. LOL I am slowly working on my WISPs and UFOs - I am determined to get many completed this year and doing okay so far. Must blog some more. Have a great day!