Are You Inspired Today??

I've been doing some poking around while my inner design demons are tormenting me, and have come upon some neat places. I found Lydia's Saturday Sky series to be fascinating. Lydia has a site "Fiber Arts for Charity" as well as her blogspot, so check it out!

Also, I've been experimenting with different types of applique. I have my traditional side, too! One place that has lots of patterns and ideas is Ornamental Applique by Jeni Bueschal. One of my all-time favorite spots is Pat Cummings' QuiltersMuse. Pat's husband, Jim, does the photography, and there are some fabulous articles and pictures there. Plus, Pat has some free patterns...go see!

And if you haven't heard, yet, about Sharon B's 100 Details in 100 Days for CQ'ing embellishment, etc., and you are at all into any kind of embellishment, then you Must go see her site. In addition, Sharon's listed many wonderful eyecandy sites who are working along with her, all well worth several visits. Our other group, Fabric Art Journals, although rather short of entries from me (moan!) has been real busy, and we have a lot of talent there with cameras (Translate -- I need a new camera!)...One of the possible definitions of "inspire" is to 'breathe in new ideas', and our corner of the world certainly is flowing with inspiration, so today, go Be Inspired!!