Riches of the World -- The Ukraine

Well, I was poking around on the net, doing word-association search for some information. As so often happens (and I *know* y'all know what I mean!!), I got distracted...(VBG)

I found an absolutely wonderful site about embroidery from the Southwest Ukraine as exhibited in the Ukrainian Museum Archives in Cleveland, Ohio. The pictures are awesome, and the detail is just incredible! You can click on each individual picture for a closer view and a better understanding of the care taken for such beautiful items.

The bulk of the work is dated from the 19th century to the early 20th century. The exhibit is surely worth a visit! Do pop over -- you won't be disappointed!!

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kay susan said...

Sarah, thank you for this link. I went and had a look. The amazing thing about these items is that after all that meticulous, time consuming work, they would have been worn or used! Lovely........