Fun in Downtown Dallas!

Yesterday we went downtown...it was Spotlight Sunday in the Dallas Arts District, and Ricky and I both have interests in that area. Although he works construction during the day, he is a fabulous photographer and an excellent sketch artist. We went to the Nasher Sculpture Museum and Sculpture Garden. There was an exhibit on architectural models that he particularly wanted to see, and I have been wanting for ages to see the Sculpture Garden, especially the piece with folks walking up into the sky (above picture).

This pic of me was taken in the Garden near the end of our visit. Ricky knows how to engage you in conversation while sneaking your pic by holding the camera so you don't even know he's taking a shot of you!
Afterwards, we went to the Dallas Art Museum, where they have an interactive exhibit for all ages. In the Materials and Meanings area, the piece which most impressed us was a piece, done in 1993, entitled "Lick and Lather" by Janine Antoni. The work consisted of two self-portrait busts, one done in chocolate and the other in soap. She licked the chocolate one and washed the soap-face bust and illustrated the changes wrought by a simple action upon one's face. I found the principle to be applicable in several areas, and Ricky and I were both fascinated by the whole concept.
Stay enquiring! Stay tuned! And I'll be back...


More Updates...!

This is Ricky and I at Dallas Heritage Village, one of our VERY favorite places in Dallas. The Heritage Village has all kinds of original historic dwellings moved to this locale and preserved.

An original-pattern quilt (tell me if you know the pattern name!), a Native American teepee, a potter giving a demonstration with his wheel, and two of a rare breed of North American Mammoth Jack Stock donkeys, originally bred by George Washington in the late 1700's. We so enjoy ourselves each time we go, and I am always fascinated by the different quilts to see, the types of needlework tools in the store, and everything else.
Be inspired by your history! Be interested in other living beings! And I'll be back!!


A while ago my regular readers will remember how excited I was about my forthcoming grandson, and I published his "First Picture". Well, here he is today, absolutely adorable, with his mother, my Treasure, absolutely beautiful! I know you can't tell how proud I am (*grin*), and how very blessed!!
Be proud of the people in your life! Be blessed by the gift of love! And, I'll be back!!


New Addition

OK, here's the latest embellishment in my life -- meet Max, my new assistant!!
Max is six weeks old and arrived last night. He's a gift from Rick and is going to be my new right hand. He trips on grass and falls over his paws. So far, he knows where "outside" is (what a blessing for my floors!!) and he tugs on anything that's not fastened down. We need to work!
Stay tuned...periodically I'll feature More On Max.
Be blessed! Be Maxed!! And I'll be back... (*grin*)



Each day is a gift...unwrap it with joy and gratitude.
Be smiling! Be appreciative! And I'll be back!


And our home -- the street where we live, the front yard, and the house...

A Bit More About Me Now...

These pics are of my town, Dallas, courtesy of Rick. Clockwise from above left, they are: Reunion Tower Restaurant (it revolves!), the Dallas metro train (DART), and downtown near the Arts District.
Be exploring! Be inquisitive! And I'll be back!


Subtraction, Not Addition!

Embellishment can be making something look better by taking away rather than adding...
The pic of me holding camera in mirror is from last September, 60 pounds ago. Combined with almost 20 pounds gone prior to that equals almost 80 pounds lost in about eleven months.
How's that for embellishment?? (*grin*) Oh yeah, the hair's real -- as it's grown out, it's gone berserk.
Watch out, I'm BBAAAACCKKKK!!!
Be tranquil! Be observing! And I'll be back...!