FPC Finished!!

Well, here it is, the finished FPC for my mother! I agonized a lot over the design on this, wanting to "pull a Sharon" and encrust, knowing that Mom loves that sort of thing. However, I gritted (grat? grot?!!!) my teeth and kept repeating "It's going through the POST office, Sarah..." in order to tone down anything that would get caught, ripped, or otherwise murdered on the face of the card.

Once again, silk threads in a red chain stitch, both connected (the heart outline) and individual (the droplets above the 'L') by Vikki Clayton of Hand-Dyed Fibers, NAYY, just like to give my friends support, moral or otherwise (VBG). The fabric is by Wichelt, the red beads covering a red feather stitch are Mill Hill, and the variegated thread on the edges is satin stitch by machine using Gutermann's.

Be thoughtful, be more!! and I'll be back!

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Sandie said...

Your Mum will adore this!