Backyard Water Plants

Backyard Water Plants
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Texas is known for its geographical diversity, and my back yard is no exception!

By my back fence, there exists through no one's fault, possibly the teeniest functioning swamp in this fine State. It is about twelve inches long and six inches wide, give or take. And it sports a bakers dozen of these "water plants".

A few years ago, when I could still function in a serious gardener capacity, I was involved with the Texas Master Gardeners here in our county. When finished working with the Ellis County Gardeners' Conference, someone gave me a couple of these plants. I popped them in place and left them alone...

I swear I do NOT know what happens in my garden during the winter, but this is another example of Something Happening!! My little swamp has remained the same size but the plants have more than tripled (fourpled??!!) to the number that I now have.

Go figure!!

You'll notice, by the way, that this particular sketch is on graph paper. This is because most of the time when I'm sitting outside at my little garden table, I'm watching the trees or my birds and drawing/jotting ideas for my quilts and other needlework endeavors. So if the botanical muse grabs me, I just use whatever I've got. Maybe this is a hint that I should utilize more plant designs in my work!!

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