Back So Soon?!

The 2007 Bead Journal Project is now seriously underway, and the folks involved are quite a talented bunch! I love poking through our posts and following others' links...you'll enjoy all of them when you visit the blog, but take a moment and visit the one that caught my fancy today!

Be inspired! Be inspiring! And I'll be back!


Bejeweled said...


Thanks so much! I'm honored you like my blog! The BJP is just so much fun and I too am enjoying all the talented artists who are participating.

I love your blog! I like all the beautiful purses you have posted about. So pretty! And you have an amazing blogroll full of goodies to explore. I also enjoyed the tarot card test .... what fun! I would really love to post about that test on a future blog entry at Jeweled Elegance, if you wouldn't mind? I think my readers would really like it :)

Glad to have discovered your blog!
Have a great week!

Warmly, Heather

freebird said...

It sounds like you are getting your studio together and having a lot of fun too. Thanks for sharing.