Yet More Computer Trials!

Yet again, Real Life is using my rear end for a target. Due to unforeseen and *deeply* unappreciated circumstances, I have recently been informed that I have lost my email account that I have had for seven years- "texascalamityjane". I can now be reached at tumbleweeddesigns dot sarahe at gmail dot com, or txstitchermom at gmail dot com. For any of you out there who may be reading this, please take pity on me, as not only did I lose the email and address books, but I also lost my groups pages. If you know of me through a group, or have contacted me privately in the past, *please* forward links and email addresses, as I am completely starting over, just like in my Real Life!

Be perceptive! Be amazed at what you can do! And I will be back!


arlee said...

You *do* know that publishing your emails like that will result in a lot of spam--break the up like "abc" "at dot com", sweetie, or you'll regret it!

Altered Kat said...

Yuck...computer problems...:o(
Hang in there...hopefully this too shall pass...and quickly!


Susan said...

I hope your computer woes are on the way to mending. I have no addresses to offer you, but if you have also lost your bookmarks, I can help there. Probably not the same ones, of course! LOL!