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My Treasure
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I wanted to let you know that just because one loses something does not mean one has lost everything. As you can see above, I have a Fabulous Treasure!

Two weeks ago tomorrow, via telephone, I suffered another personal relationship loss. At first I was devastated. But I find that all is not lost, in truth. And as I learn to see with my Sarah eyes again, I think that perhaps this is a good thing that has happened.

I have, as you see, my daughter who is as beautiful inside as she is outside. In spite of transmogrifying health issues, my hands, fingers and smile still work. Oh yeah, and my feet, in case I have to give anyone a little kick in the ankle (cheeky grin!!). And I have my friends, both in real life and in our textile/fiber/fun-with-fabric-creativity community (I defy Germaine Greer (click for story) to pound THAT down [grin!])

Blogging may (or may not!!) be a bit less frequent as I pack and move and unpack (I expect a group groan of sympathy here), but please know I am truly a blessed woman. And I am made even stronger by all of you who read my blog, participate in the Yahoo! groups, check my Flickr site, and comment, email me, etc.

My life is so very rich, thanks to all of you.

So be caring! Be creative! And I'll be back!!


Anonymous said...

Beeee-yooo-te-ful, Sarah. Yes, moving bites the bog wazoo, but Life As Sarah will be better than anything you can even begin to imagine. I just know it, and believe it.

coral-seas said...

Your daughter is beautiful. I hope your Sarah eyes reveal a bright rosey world to you.

Best wishes

arlee said...

Moving? Where you going????????

Corina said...

You have a lof of friends! And you have a great daughter! I also have to pack:)