Dreaming is Learning...

Ok, as you may have read a few posts ago, I'm in an online group studying The Artist's Way. It's a well-written book by Julia Cameron about the path to Higher Creativity. It's cool doing it with a group instead of by yourself, because you get everyone's insight together and you learn from that, also.

Something that's been happening to me lately, which I've finally shared with the group and I'll share with you, too, here, is that I have been having such vivid dreams that I remember them clearly when I wake up, and so I've been writing down those details as well and thoroughly as I can. I have this sense that it's important to my growth as a woman and as I follow other pursuits. So here is one:
I had a dream the night before
Of mages, faeries, ghosts galore...
Cloth paper scissors, other spells,
Were learned to free me from my hell.

The colors bold, dark, bright, intense,
I saw tall fire and forests dense.
I learned to focus, touch and find,
To close my eyes and use my mind.

This vision was so clear to me --
Learn to use my heart to see.

Be more colorful today; be a 'heart-see-er', and I'll be back!


Margaret said...

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely poems. It is wonderful how you are able to get your emotions into a poem. I have trouble with prose.
I'm especially fond of the tree poem and it creates visions in my head that I'll have to get into my sketchbook for future needlework projects.

Sarah E. said...

Oh, Margaret, what a huge compliment! Thanks so much! I'm so glad I could give you visions, too!!

arlee said...

Sarah, this is a wonderful wonderful piece!!! Would love to see you "illustrate" it :}

Sujati said...

Thanks for finding me Sarah and your lovely comment-your blog is great reading, I will be back!
Best wishes from a fellow textile addict!