Three Lengths, Three Generations

Gloves' Three Lengths
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Next after the clutch purses are carefully lifted out, we find my sets of gloves. I have six pairs -- evening (on the far left), tea (middle) and church (short, on right).

Now the following is simply a memory, nothing else. I remember when I was a little girl going to church with my family. Through second grade, children went to Sunday School. Parents came to pick them up after the worship service in the sanctuary was finished. Then in third grade, we all took a Bible class, taught by the Superintendent of Sunday School. At the end, we 'graduated', received our own Bible (which I still have), and were allowed to go upstairs to the "big church" with our parents. And I remember being so thrilled, made sure Daddy tied my bow on the back of my dress nice and big, and nearly skipped for happiness because I finally got to wear "big girl" gloves like Mom. The short ones there on the right.

Geez, that was SO long ago! But I hold dear these sets of gloves for all their equally wonderful memories -- some mine, some shared.

In the next couple days as I continue to show you my treasures, I'll try each pair on and photograph them so you can see the actual length up the arm. And yes, they do fit nicely (grin)!

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Anonymous said...

Holy cow you have been busy, chiquita! Organization is such a bummer, but when it is actually done, there is such an extraordinary sense of accomplishment. I have the Rock to get done, and the clay stuff, but after that, I am going to take a brief hiatus to clean and reorganize too. It always seems to re-focus that energy.
And your wonderful box of treasures. Miss A has my first church gloves, the only pair I ever had, that my gramma gave me when I was 5. Some pretty potent memories there, both good and bad, but mostly, just a brief moment of feeling proud and grown up.
And ladylike, which I am not known for...*evil grin in progress*
Thank you for sharing your treasures, hon!