If you have not yet been to Quiltersmuse, you must go visit as soon as you finish reading this post. Pat Cummings, owner of Quiltersmuse, is one of the foremost experts, if not THE expert, on Outline Stitch Embroidery. She also has amassed a formidable knowledge of quilting, quilting and embroidery history, and other types of embroidery in addition to OSE.

Jim Cummings is Pat's hardworking, totally wonderful husband who handles all the photography needs of the site. And over the last few years, the two of them have produced several stellar books. Previously these books were available for sale on the Quiltersmuse site. Now, however, Pat and Jim have begun putting the books up online...available FREE OF CHARGE.

The first book that went cyber is Straight Talk About Quilt Care: Display, Cleaning and Storage of New and Antique Quilts and Needlework. Straight Talk gives extensive coverage exactly as it promises. Display, cleaning, how to know when to call in a professional, and several other subjects are presented interestingly and thoroughly. The information is applicable NOT ONLY to those in traditional quilt and needlework fields, BUT ALSO is equally applicable for those in the art quilt field. I highly recommend Straight Talk to anyone in the textile field.

The second book that is now available is Pat's Just For Fun Redwork Book. Just For Fun includes stitch directions and 98 authentic old redwork patterns from an antique quilt. Again, this book is offered entirely free of charge.

There are also many fascinating tidbits...for instance, the bear logo in the top right corner is a redwork piece that Pat completed when she was five years old!

I don't think I've ever seen such generosity with this type of research and information. Quiltersmuse not only has these books available (and more on the way), the site also covers an abundance of other subjects. Pat has other free patterns, historical articles, product reviews, and many other categories. And the Quiltersmuse also has a blog which is fascinating reading.

Go visit the Quiltersmuse today -- it will surely be worth your while!

Be educated! Be inquiring! And I'll be back!

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