Of Mice and Men (well, actually, birds!)

I can't always get out of the house. My "field trips" tend to be my backyard. But my yard is fixed up kinda cool, it's sort of my haven, and I love to watch which birds come in when. My particular favorite is the mourning dove, I just love their calls. And my most memorable -- well, have YOU ever been dive-bombed by a barn swallow??!!

Anyway, it's great for sketching and idea-grabbing, but what if I want to implement an owl or some other bird which doesn't reside within my fence?

HAH -- we go to the 'net!! So, I've added two links to my sidebar -- one's under Education, "All About Birds" -- attracting them, watching them, identifying them, and WONDERFUL pics! AND, under "Go Visit, Really Worth It", I added the Cornell LIVE-FEED BIRDHOUSE NESTCAM. Wow, is THAT phenomenal!

I forget who it was recently, Acey maybe? who had pics of a barnowl from Italy, TX, a town not too awful far from me, just down the road a piece. (Of course, if you're from somewhere large like Texas, Alaska, or Australia, you'll know the ramifications of that phrase...VBG!!) Anyway, the pics were great, and it's so fun to also be able to watch them on the live-feed birdnest cam.

Well, that's all the news so far...be good, be productive, and I'll be back!!

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