Wondering Why?

As I explain in my sidebar, the reason I named my blog "Ever Embellished" is not only for needlework/fiberart purposes. Embellishing happens in all areas of life. Sharing my garden and my treasures, thus, are embellishments of the life of Sarah Ellis. Plus, I was inspired!

My dear friend Pat Cummings has recently come into what I love to call (teasing her, of course!) an Embarassment of Riches. (grin!) A Person in her family who shall remain nameless dumped a truckload (literally) of textile items onto her front porch. At the Person's request. Said Person did not like, want, need or otherwise want to be concerned with said Textiles. So "poor" Pat got landed with what she loves most in the world besides her wonderful husband -- quilts! And splashers, aprons, lace-trimmed doilies, all KINDS of vintage goodies. And as she was describing her treasures to me (while I wiped the drool off my chin), I decided that I should share some of mine with y'all.

My collection is nowhere near Pat's, of course. But, like Pat, I value what I have and am thankful for the having of it. Thus, these first few pics!

There will be more pics later...as I finished sorting, I found quite a few hand-worked all-white handkerchiefs, which, after pressing and a little judicious mending (thank goodness my mother taught me these things!), I will post.

BTW, my mother also has her first mending basket, which comes with a separate lid, and has the wooden tools and special needles used for fixing holes in sock heels or toes, fixing holes in jeans, and all that other cool stuff. I've put in a request, but she's not coming off of anything yet. Sigh. (!!)

So, today, be careful, be caring, and I'll be back!


Anonymous said...

If you don't hear from Pat, you'll know she died and went to textile heaven. You'll have to make her an embellished casket cover, maybe in Redwork, unless of course, she finds herself in an urn...well, then, I suppose you could embellish the urn. What are friends for, after all?


PaMdora said...

I love the name of your blog! From now on, I'll think of my life too, as embellished - what a great way to put it!