Computer Troubles

My best friend is writing this for me because I have no computer. My first one died after only a few days in my new nest, but one of my daughters came to my aid and lent me hers. She, unfortunately, in the manner of a true budding Computer Queen, had turned off her virus and firewall protections in the hope that she would be able to do something she had been unable to do.
She never turned them back on.
In fact, in a typical teenagerly way, bless her heart, she completely forgot to tell me. So within 24 hours, another computer lay gasping its death throes out in front of me. So it may be a couple to a few weeks before I am again a Whole Blogger. I will try to check in periodically through my long suffering dearest friend ( any typos are her fault!), and thank you all in advance for your patience.
While I am gone, be experimental! Be amazed! And I'll be back!

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freebird said...

Try the library for computers you can use and even hi-speed internet. Since I am on dial-up, I sometimes go there when I need to upload a lot of pictures. My son went to Minneapolis this past weekend and went to the library there to use their internet with his laptop (which is what I use when I go but they do offer computers). It's not a perfect solution but it helps when you are between computers. Hope you get back on line soon.