My Gnome Has Inspired Me...

Well, I'm about out of thought mode...that is to say, I'm not stopping thinking, just coming up a few layers back to the land of create-and-blog!

My little gnome is taking shape quite nicely. Today or tomorrow I'll have him ready to anchor to one of my books. I've also got the backing for the one (You'll see what I mean when I post the pics)...can't decide on one for the other yet (does that make sense??!!).

OMG, I've missed our corner of the world!! Now ready to plunge into thought-related work!! Stay tuned!!


My Thread Gnome

I'm going to turn into my Thread Gnome mode for a couple days. I was thrilled that my Letter to the Editor was accepted and printed almost in its entirety in the April issue of the Quilters Newsletter Magazine! And I got some really lovely emails from my QA folks, so I'm feeling encouraged. It's on page 17, by the way (!!).

I even sat and had some thought time as to the direction I want to go this year, which, I think, is illustrated by my Letter. Connections Private and Public, Past and Present, too, I think. When my heart howled at the moon in the darkness, it was my connections that brought me back to sanity and to the meaning of fibrous and textilicious communication.

I am valuable. I mean something. I have contributions to make, and many many things to learn (thank god for all you wonderful 'net friends!!). So I'm going to take the place of my Thread Gnome and hide out in a thinking mode under my pile of threads and textiles...no mean feat if you ask me!! And I will let my Gnome have his home back in a couple days.

Deep thought is good, in a periodic sort of way, I think. I also have The Tao of Pooh, which I think bears (haha, no pun intended!!) re-reading.

My friends at Fabric Art Journals are doing wonderful things...I want to do a pop-up, perhaps of my Gnome!!

Regards for now from Your Favorite Pesky Textile Texan