The 22' Oriental Project and then some...

well, I got all these loaded up, it's after midnight and I'm tired out of my mind. So I'm just going to tell you quick what they are and tomorrow they will each have their own titles and paragraphs!
The top one requires a large para...it's a 22' long (I kid you not!) Oriental piece of fabric in panels. My wonderful Mom grabbed it from somewhere and we split it...you see my half!
Next is a tag project I'm working on with another group. What you see is three macrame dragonflies on side one. They'll be done finally in a couple days, at which you'll see front and back before I mail them out.
The third pic is a bee-yoo-tee-full miniature Goddess quiltlet wall hanging. It is an original, signed, Arlee Barr. I'm quite thrilled! Although I MUST say, shrieking in delight via email just does not have the same effect as shrieking into the phone and making the recipient hold her phone a foot away from her ear!!!
And the fourth pic is a wonderful pile of sparklies and thingies, including a darling little painted art doll head, which I need to get a close up of tomorrow to go with the sparklie pic. These are also from my awesome Canadian friend...again, the disappointment of email shrieks of delight!!
So that's it for now, y'all!! Behave, be good, and I'll be back!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, my texan tootsie :}

arlee said...

oops that was me

takinanap said...

can't wait to see and hear more about the tags with the macrame butterflies. they are intriguing. love the idea of using macrame.

portland, maine