Who Knew??!!

I now know (painfully!) why the instructions say to REGULARLY change the blade on your rotary cutter. After an hour of frustratedly wondering what the *#*@&!!? was wrong, getting crookedly cut pieces and neatly rotarying three fingers (grrrrr!), it finally dawned on me that Other Rotary Cutters do not behave in this murderous fashion. So I called Mother. Her first question, after laughing unsympathetically at my tale of woe, was "did you change the blade??". AHEM. So we hung up, her chortling in my ear, and I changed the damn thing. Humph.

Be safe! Be aware! And I'll be back.

P.S. Please notice the cool thing about blogging versus writing someone a letter is that blood cannot drip on the post. (GRIN!!)

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Sophie said...

I too did this, although perhaps with a little less blood. I struggled with a rotary cutter wondering what I was doing wrong. It wasn't until I actually changed the blade that I realised how BLUNT it was!! Lesson learnt - start to struggle and it's time to change it!