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Hey, y'all!! I have my fingers in a lot of pies, most of us creative sorts do. In addition to enjoying poking around in French and German, my fiber loves range from counted thread techniques through quilting to embellishment techniques such as encaustic work or rusting.

Soooo, in my various pokings-around, I found the following wonderful link --


AND...it's written in English! The issue that I read is Issue 1, May 2007 -- brand-spanking-new, and full of superb pictures, clear and concise writing, plus great articles including one starting on page 2 about plagiarism (about which many of us have become more and more concerned lately).

For a SHORT time, there is an incredible offer to snag a kit to make an exact replica of one of three original antique German counted-thread samplers. Also, for any of you readers who are involved with the various Embroiderers' Guilds around the world, there's a great article on page 15.

NAYY**, but when I saw this I just knew that if you like samplers, history, needle and thread, excellent photography, or any one of a realm of other related areas, you will really really enjoy this magazine. It's a great read, it's free online, and it's totally worth a visit. In addition, there's what looks like a FREE PATTERN, but my computer is on dial-up (sshhh!!) and it was difficult for me to ascertain those particular pages, but I *do* know it's between pages 15 and 20. So go read it for yourself and see why I'm so excited!

Be educated! Be open-minded! And I'll be back!

**No Affiliation Yada Yada (grin)

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