I humphed in my last entry because Blogger (please note my lady-like lack of single-syllable short-vowel fricatives (Anglo-Saxon)) would not put out my icons at the tope of the posting space. I was tres annoyed. So I humphed.

But Today I Have Icons.

Let's see what happens next...GASP!! My Botany Bookmark came through!!

And, in joyful celebration, I have the following announcement to make:

First, I have a regular flickr account now, at http://flickr.com/photos/txstitchermom/, which are all my general pix, plus we have started two new flickr groups.

Our first new addition is a public photo pool as an offshoot of our Needlelace and More Yahoo!Group (the NON-SPAM version). The photos may be viewed here, although we've all been quite busy and haven't had a chance to post much.

The second new flickr group is in the field of Pulled and Drawn Thread. If you are interested in either of those needlework media and have some work which you'd like to post, please get in touch with me either through this blog or through flickr.

More soon!


corina said...

You were quite busy in the last period! I check your flickr album, I will go back from time to time to see the news!

Sarah E. said...

Thank you, Corina! I have quite a bit of loading up to do...I'll look forward to your comments!