Crewel Choices

Crewel choices
Originally uploaded by Marjorie from Illnois.

You MUST click on this to get a larger view...absolutely exquisite work! Not only is it a great example of needlework, but also the variegations of color are worth a study as a background for other ideas in many types of needle-related arts. Enjoy!

P.S. I'm baaaaack.....be scared! be silly! be fun, and I'll be back!!

Huge Texas regards to all my readers for putting up with this temporary upheaval in my life...GRACIOUS, I've missed being here!!



I was so pleased to receive notice that my blog has been listed at FiberArtsOnline!! For those of you who are unaware of this fabulous resource, I strongly recommend that you visit the site. There are directories for Business and Art, lists of organizations world-wide, all kinds of resources, and an Artist Gallery. I confess, I'm quite thrilled to be there now, and I hope all of you will pop on over and investigate the site -- it is seriously worthwhile!

Be curious! Be interested! And I'll be back!!


Paisley Embroidery on Paper

Paisley embroidery on paper
Originally uploaded by dogdaisy92.

This is another piece of Jackie's wonderful work. I love the paisley shapes, of course, and the colors are my favorite combinations. But what really gets me is if you click on this for a close up, it looks like lace. IMHO, it's an amazing piece of work. Here's Jackie's flickr link so you can see more of her stuff:


There are so many wonderful artists out there, periodically I'll feature others. Today, however, I wanted to show off Jackie's work not only because she sent me a personal piece, but also because I have a genuine admiration for and excitement about her stuff.


Be adventurous! Be different! And I'll be back!!

Sumptuous Swirls

Sumptuous Swirls
Originally uploaded by txstitchermom.

This luscious piece was sent to me by my friend Jackie C. Her work is utterly captivating!! She's in Greece for a couple weeks where I hope she's getting lots of inspiration because all her work is just beautiful!

Change Is Good!!

On another note, many of you may be aware that Sharon Boggon of Inaminuteago has had a change of link. I've changed her link in my Sidebar -- it's now http://sharonb.wordpress.com. She's been talking about scrumbling lately, as well as her usual many other wonderful posts and topices, so toddle on over and say "hey!" Do be sure to change your own link in your favorites -- http://sharonb.wordpress.com. Enjoy!

Be observant! Be curious! And I'll be back!!

To Explore Is To Learn!

On that, here's a new-for-me place I've just found...alteredkat has a neat site called Great Musings. I'm putting GM in my Sidebar, too, because there is a lot of great information there as well as vintage images and generous freebies and other stuff! So go visit Great Musings as you're exploring around today!

Be inquiring! Be thoughtful! And I'll be back!!

Looking Forward to FIBERWORX!!

Although I do say in my Sidebar that from time to time I will share glimpses of my personal life, I do think y'all have had quite enough of this particular episode. SO NOW...(drumo roll, please...!!) BACK TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF, the stuff of which life and dreams are made: creating what you love!! In this case, fiberworx!!

Today, in between packing, I will be sewing like a fiend to finish my JQ piece for Houston. I have chosen two WISPs that I REALLY want to be done this week, and I have a TAST item that will going up here for (gentle) comment!

Stay tuned! Be forward-looking! Be excited about today! And I'll be back!!


Onward and Upward!

I apologize for my recent absence. As a couple good friends know, 4 weeks ago this Wednesday, DH informed me via telephone we were to be no more. The first days after that I was devastated, much less being able to pick up a needle and focus. But time passes, yada yada yada! So I'm packing my life, and moving it to a neat-o torpedo little apartment in Waxahachie.

The Big W is a wonderful town just down the road, lots of history, and most of the folks I know. It has a great library (historic building), super bead store (Bead Barn) and quilt shop (Common Threads Quilting), all within a couple blocks so I continue to not need a car. YAY!

Truthfully, I find myself a bit excited about this new turn in my life! I have been given a generous financial settlement, and I have received some help from another quarter. My Treasure has graduated from high school and is making college plans. I will have the chance to work with my fibers and fabrics full-time, in an extra room at the apartment (I got a two bedroom). AND, I already have some chances for a local exhibit and marketing opportunities. It will be a challenge, but I'm looking forward to it!!

So wish me luck! And stay tuned...although I'll be moving on the 15th, I'll be working like a fiend inbetween.

Be daring! Be imaginative! And I'll be back!!