Hey, Check THIS Out!!

I was surfing around looking for something, and, as usually happens, I became thoroughly distracted!! I found these too-cool-for-words little wire soldiers which you MUST see! The site's in Russian, but the pictures are understandable in any language. I found it through another design site that is also thoroughly worth a visit...and I found THAT through 30gms, also VERY worth a visit...and I found 30gms through Subversive Crossstitch (featured in my sidebar now), which is a HOOT of a site! WARNING: SCS is NOT your everyday crossstitch site. Just so you know. (GRIN!)

Be daring! Be different! And I'll be back!

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Christine said...

Sarah, I LOOVVVVE the wire soldiers! Then I scrolled down and saw the horses! And I love the way he (?) has photographed the tutorials with finished soldiers holding the ends of the working wires, too too clever. I've saved it to show my DH, he'll love it too. Some people have just the most creative imaginations, don't they. You find the most amazing links sometimes. Bravo.
Hooroo, Christine.