Tongue in Cheek or Foot in Mouth??!!

After a lively exchange today on and off list, I've ended with a small personal challenge due to be finished in 3 days (YES, that's right, THREE DAYS). "Contemplating belly-buttons" came up, and I replied, sort of tongue-in-cheek, and someone replied to *me* off-list, and I'm already excited about my Great Orts Project (posting/pic'ing in a couple days), so the replier told me she could just *see* two quilts related to the discussion, so I whipped back, ok give me dimensions and a time-restriction and you're ON!!!!!!1 So she did, she is, and I am... Stay posted as I grump, groan, whine, and whistle my way through to Saturday and the finished product(s).

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Carol said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, yes he does need whipping into shape! But I love him and so we all put up with their moaning don't we!