Tags - Part 1

I belong to a group led by Patti Medaris Culea, a fantastic fiber doll artist. If you go to her site (linked over there on my sidebar), you'll also see some what-she-calls Tome Pages. Each Page Project teaches you a particular set of skills, or helps you sharpen skills you already have; when the Pages are done, you bind them with the Tome Cover and store them in their Tome Box.
Anyway, we're making tags for trade! Never having done this before either, my first step was to cut a piece of cardboard (I usually use the backs of notepads but you can use cereal boxes) into the right size. In this instance, we're making a set number of tags with a set size -- 2"x5" max. SO, I cut both sides of the fabric that I want to use. The theme is "friendship". Being from Texas, I may go gecko and cactus, with turquoise (turquoise is one of the Gemstone Symbols of Friendship). I'll have to ruminate...
This is similar to FPC's, I guess, but different in that there are possible 3-D additions, movable parts, etc. I don't know why learning each new technique becomes such a task for me; once I get the hang, I love it! Am I the ONLY one in this virtual universe with this problem? AAAAACK!!!!

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