Ok, so the second I say something like 'stick with me as I blahblahblah', the Evil Blog Monster rears its ugly head and snorts my blog out of whack. My last post I told you about the spirited QA discussion and my mini-challenge from a wonderful lady who loves teasing almost as much as I do. And I even finished it within the required amount of time. She dared me to do something really risque (view a particular pair of consecutive syllables and draw your own conclusions!), but...
So anyway, what does this have to do with the post title today? Well, the conversation revolved around omphaloskepsis, meaning 'to contemplate one's navel (belly button)'! It's 6x4, paisley fabric with a round, orange fabric navel, fme that you can't see in this pic (more tomorrow,; I was too excited by my blog working, HAD to post!!) using the ONLY decorative stitch this old machine has (White Blue Jeans, at LEAST 12-14yo) -- a 'briar' stitch, it's called, looks rather like feather. I used paper from a hole-punch for the eyeball whites in the rounds of some of the paisley figures, and turquoise beads for the irises. A bit of silver fabric paint added to the eyeball effect, IMHO!
Anyway, I'm happy!

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arlee said...

Sarah, a little tip about photographing your work--if you can put something at the edge to check the focus---a pen or scissors or something easily recognizable--then crop it out when you download the photo from your camera---i want to see this one clearly!!!!!!!!!!!!