And Further...!

Oh yes, I should show you what my buddies are up to...

Pat at Quiltersmuse

Vikki at Hand-Dyed Fibers

Arlee at Albedo Design Journal

Jenny at Jenny's Australian Needleart Journey

Be aware! Be imaginative! And I'll be back!!


arlee said...

Thanks, my FT!!!! :} Glad to see you back in action--and happy belated Blogaversary!

Jenny said...

Hello Sunshine. What are friends for but to support each other in times of crisis. Even half a world away, a friend is only a mouse click away. Huge Aussie hugs comming your way. Love Jen. XXXX

Amy said...

Hello Sarah!
I just wanted to stop by quickly (as I only have a spare few minutes today) and thank you so much for the wonderful comment that you left on my blog (c/- Sharon B's post). You really made my day :)