Yesterday was a double anniversary for me!

First, it's been a year now since my life took a ninety-degree curveball. This will be the only time I recognize the date for this particular event. However, I'm pleased with how things are turning out. It has not been easy, nor has it been fun a lot of the time, but I've learned a lot of confidence and self-belief in me as a woman and as an artist. So overall, it's been a good thing.

My daughter has moved back to Maryland to be with her sister and her father's family. This is a good thing, too -- Amber has an adorable four-month-old little girl, and my Treasure is pregnant with a future Little Treasure! There are more and better resources there for her, so I'm pleased for her.

AND, saving the best for last, it was my Third Blogiversary!! Lordy, I can't believe it's been three years now, time flies! I'm looking forward to another magical year filled with positive learning experiences, a few less Life Slams (*grin*), and lots of fun and laughter along the way!

Be strong! Be joyful! And I'll be back!

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corina said...

congratulations for both events!