Sometimes I feel like the Ever-Ready Bunny

Well, every once in a while I can easily spend a day surfing around, checking out sites, pics, narrative, blogs, pics, more pics, etc.etc. Today I still have a lot of work to do, but I find myself flitting around a lot, from my chair to the dining room table where stuff is laid out back here to the computer, surf a few ideas, back to my chair. Maybe for me it's like constantly lighting my pilot light, not that it ever goes off, but maybe adding wood to the fire would be a better analogy...either way, you get the picture! So don't ask me how I found it, but check this site -- wish my pics would come out that clear!!


VickyTH said...

Boy do I know that feeling! I have weeks like that, but have discovered that they seem to be followed by frenetic bursts of creative activity. Keep chugging and ignition will happen!

Kate said...

Sarah, have you a 'macro' button on your camera? (On mine, it's a teeny picture of a tulip on the dial) I tried this recently and it has transformed my photography. I tend to take more than one shot as well, just in case of wobbles.

arlee said...

Photos on digital take the patience to focus properly. You can also crop and that will centre and bring up the detail too,if the photo is clear to begin with. I've learned the hard way too!

The last month for me has made up for a couple of periods in my life where i did NOTHING creative----but timing is everything, and it WILL come:}