And Still More!

Ok, I LOVE CQ. I'm NOT great at it, but I love it. However, I practice, and I've learned a lot. Here's a piece I did recently with a dragonfly and a vine. The blue flowers I like. The leaf on the left is stuffed, and I don't like how it turned out. The small green vine with the red things next to it was my first attempt at SRE buds. Feather stitch is one of my favorites, and also chain stitch. I participated in two RR's through one of my Yahoo!groups, and I learned so VERY much. There are a lot of really really talented stitchers out there. Plus, Sharon Boggon's blog has that section she calls "I Dropped the Button Box" which is absolutely awesome.


abeautifulcraft said...

I enjoy reading your blog and now enjoying the photos as well, they are all gorgeous, some beautiful work there.

Jo in NZ said...

I see Sandie has found you before me.
Hi Sarah. I really want you to master the photo thing cos your work looks lovely and I want a better look!!!
Try taking the photo further away, then when you upload it to the computer, crop it. This should give you a clearer piccie, and still close up.