Learning Never Stops...

One of the things I have tended to do is practice my stitches on almost anything else, and then consider turning it into something interesting. This piece is still in the practice-my-stitches stage, but may eventually be a model for a bookmark. The lighting is a little off, as you can see...the monogram is red on a darker pink moire background. It's done in backstitch. The tree is black on a cream background. I may just use this as a bookmark the way it is and keep adding stitches. On the bright side (hahaha!), at least my camera works even if the picture is a little ... ummmm...!!!!

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bibliotecaria said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for visiting my blog. I tried to reply, but your email address didn't come through with your comment.

To answer your question about pictures, yes and no. I take pictures, but I don't yet have a digital camera, so it is slow. Last time I took some pictures of stuff in process, developed them, and they looked not that good. So I'll try to put some stuff up eventually, but it won't be much until I have a digital.

Thanks for the compliment. I really appreciate that you like my writing so much.