How Cool Is This?!

I love poking around the 'net finding different thoughts and ideas...it's sort of like the legal research I used to do, taking a word and re-thinking it and running with it. Here's one -- check out www.fabricorigami.com and click on their gallery for some neat sights!

Here's a thought for you! I live in Texas, and our State Flower is the bluebonnet. I'm trying to recreate its image in needlework, with moderate success. But one of the most talented stitchers I know lives in Turkey and has completed an outstanding rendition of Bluebonnets -- http://cqmagonline.com/photogallery/photo00024663/real.htm shown at CQMagOnline in the Readers' Showcase. Check out the index for CQMag (click on 'Current Issue', then, on the left, click on Readers' Showcase for some outstanding eyecandy!!)

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Kim said...

I've seen the fabricorigami site before - it's the first time I've seen the booties though - they are a little scary! LOL. I love bluebonnets and have an oil painting that my parents gave me (they live in San Antonio)--the brush of blue across a landscape to hint of the wild bluebonnet - i's lovely.