Day the Second

Well. It was a lloooooonnnggg First Day!! But it surely has been well spent. I have been busy learning, being the proverbial sponge, making mistakes, learning lessons, trying new things, and generally enjoying my life.

First, I had a LOT to learn about the technical side of this. And I still don't have it all quite down, as you can see by the lack of pix. But I'm getting there. So I decided not to sacrifice time for content; I can't keep track as nicely of what I'm learning if I don't keep a record.

I joined a couple Yahoo! groups, and learned a lot from them, too. In addition, I've sort of had some really obnoxiously serious health issues rear up their ugly heads, and one of the things I thus learned is that I can't plan by more than a day, if that, so I have to stay away from time-sensitive projects like RR's and some swaps. I embarassed myself a bit with that one, but it was a lesson well learned, and I was graciously forgiven my lack of learning curve at the time! Actually it was more like a painful realization rather than a lesson, but, oh well!

Good lessons learned so far -- I prefer to call them Expanded Horizons --
  • I have seriously improved my crazy quilting skills, both seam treatments and motifs. In fact, I was VERY PRIVILEGED to be able to participate in the "Sleep with the Angels" project, which was announced through CQMagOnline , to which I subscribe. As soon as I can figure out how, there will be links to the final pix...all the ladies, and we had quite a few, not only from the States but also from Turkey and a few other countries, did just a wonderful wonderful job. I was honored to be a part of that project.
  • I am conquering some white work stitching skills with which I have always wanted to become more familiar. I have a friend who graciously answers all my emailed questions with aplomb and patience. Once I get her permission, I'd like to post a link to her site.
  • I learned how to tat with a needle!! A lady towards whom I have the highest respect and affection, Barb Engle, helped me...when I finally got the hang of it, I called her up in glee, and, completely forgetting to say "Hi" or anything, I happily shrieked, "I GOT IT I GOT IT!!" Fortunately she recognized my voice and laughed at me, but her steadfast cheering on has me hanging in there. Sorry, I'm not good enough to post pix of THAT particular effort, but give me a little while!
Anyway, that's it for now. I hope to post now rather more often than every six months (red face here!), so stay tuned!

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