With One Voice - Final

My piece for "With One Voice" has been finished and sent. The leaves are 3D, the birds are that eyelet pulled-thread stitch about which I blogged a few posts ago. The piece is in honor of and in memory of Thomas Merton, Brother Louis, and will be given with grateful thanks to The Thomas Merton Center. A full explanation of my choice of subject is on my other blog.


A Robin's Nest said...

This is beautiful Sarah! Thanks so much for the kind comments on my blog. It is so nice to find a fellow Waxahachie artist out there in blog land!

Anonymous said...

I was able to see this exhibit, but somehow missed this piece. It also does not seem to be included in the show catalog. Am I missing it?

Sarah E. said...

Hi, 'anonymous'! Sorry you couldn't leave your name, but no you are not missing it in the BT catalog. To my utter and complete dismay and crushing disappointment, the postoffice returned the damaged-by-them package as undeliverable and so it did not make the deadline. However, after finishing the paperwork, it will be on its way to the Thomas Merton Center. TMC had some very complimentary remarks, and although sad about the exhibit, I'm pleased that it will be at the University of Kentucky where the TMC is located. Thank you for noticing and asking!!