Stitching Sisters Work

As I've mentioned before, I'm a member of a group of women around the world who are participating in an international sampler round robin as well as sharing in our common love of needlework of all types. Our group blog is at http://sistersstitching.blogspot.com. Our individual blogs are listed there separately in the left sidebar.
The next sampler has come my way from Australia and shown above is the before-I-get-to-it picture. This one belongs to Christine. The scan does not do justice to the beauty of everyone's work so far, but my camera batteries crapped out on me and running to the store is a pain in the *** now that I can't drive. So, we scan.
I encourage you to visit our blog and see the individual blogs. The needlework is stellar, and we all thoroughly enjoy ourselves!
Be visiting! Be enjoying! And I'll be back!


sharonb said...

Hi Sarah
I wanted to say this sampler looks really lovely -
also did you get my email as I have written 3 but think I might be being put in your spam filter or something

Donna said...

The sampler is beautiful! It sounds like a fun and interesting project to participate in. I'll have to check out the UFO group on Stitchin' Fingers.